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Power of Essential Oils

Power of Essential Oils

By Leslie Gail

Board Certified Holistic Health Coach Leslie Gail will share with our CureJoy subscribers what are the absolute safest essential oils to use, how to use them, she will discuss the top 10 essential oils everyone needs in their home, and more importantly how you can feel safer treating your family with natural pure plant based product. Sign up to receive daily tips and videos in her 7 Day Program.

Program Details:

Our current medical system is NOT working.
Do you get headaches?
Have you spent years trying to figure out what you can and cannot eat because you’re embarrassed by gas, bloating or other digestive issues?
Are you popping pills to relax or to sleep at night?
Are you stressed out?
Are you wondering why, after 15 different medications your eczema won’t go away?
Are you tired of staying home with your kids with all their flus, colds, sore throats or head lice?
Are you sick of taking anti-biotics for sinus infections and sore throats, knowing well they are ruining your digestive system and killing your liver?
These are some of the most common ailments that may send you or your family to the doctor, who then prescribes a synthetic medication. The synthetic medication will eventually have a side effect which will produce another ailment and then another side effect which can ultimately be worse than the original ailment!
And do you know what the number one drug problem is in our country?
It’s not recreational drugs as you may think. It’s prescription medications with the biggest users being women between the ages of 25- 50 years old and children between the ages of 5-7 years old! Our current medical system is medicating our country instead of getting to the root of why our bodies are imbalanced, inflamed and diseased.
Pure therapeutic grade essential oils are a natural, less expensive, safer alternative to traditional Western medication and the endless pills piling up in your home.
Essential oils are made from plants, not in a laboratory, so you can truly feel good sharing them with your sick or injured loved ones.
Essential oils will not only help you relieve a headache, but can help promote relaxation, digestion, insomnia, canker sores, bug bites, nausea, immune support, weight loss and so much more. You name it. There is an oil for it.
Take your health care into your own hands. You can heal yourself with natural products.
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