12 Yoga Poses To Strengthen Your Bones

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Regularly practicing yoga poses like the Tree, Triangle, Twisted-triangle, Side-angle, Bent-knee twist, Corpse, Warrior II, Locust, Bridge, Supine hand-to-foot I and II, and Straight-legged twist improve stability, body posture, balance and bone density, making bones less prone to fracture or damage. It also reduces the chances of falling and the impact of falls.

A staggering 700,000 spinal and 300,000 hip fractures are recorded every year in the United States. A study also showed that bone density of an average American is lower than the required normal, leaving them more prone to fractures and bone degradation.

How Yoga Can Help

A study conducted on over 700 people who followed a 10 minute session of 12 yoga poses everyday, showed how yoga can improve bone health. The results were collected at the start of the study and a decade from when it started. The poses included:

  • Tree pose,
  • Triangle pose,
  • Twisted-triangle pose,
  • Side-angle pose,
  • Bent-knee twist,
  • Corpse pose,
  • Warrior II pose,
  • Locust pose,
  • Bridge pose,
  • Supine hand-to-foot I pose,
  • Supine hand-to-foot II and
  • Straight-legged twist pose.

The second round of tests on bone density, blood and urine chemistry and X-rays showed that 227 patients who pledged to have practiced the 12 poses regularly had better bone density.

Another study conducted on a random 18 members from the 227 participant group showed that all of them had better bone support, where their bodies supported bone structure and was less prone to fracture or damage. Other participants who did not show a significant improvement in bone density showed an improvement in body posture and balance.

Yoga is great way to improve overall strength, coordination and reduced anxiety, all of which improve body stability and reduce the chances of falling. It also reduces the impact that falls have on your body.

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