7 Steps To Weight Loss With Yoga

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After you have put on weight, do you find it difficult to lose it? Has someone told you that you have to really exercise hard and long or go on diet plans to lose those extra pounds? Do you know that there is a very simple program which will help you to lose weight in just 90 days?

Day 1: Tiryaka Tadasana (The Swaying Tree Pose)

Day 2: Konasana (The Angular Pose)

Day 3: Druta Utkatasana (The Dynamic Squatting Pose)

Day 4: Virabhadrasana Series (Warrior Series)

Day 5: Chakki Chalasana (Working the Grinding Mill)

Day 6: Padachakrasana (Rotating Legs Pose)

Day 7: Savasana (Conscious Relaxation)