Yoga During Pregnancy: The Do's And Don't's

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Pregnancy is not the time to push yourself to new yoga heights. With all of your body’s changes, and that little one growing inside, you have got to be smart and safe every time you roll out the yoga mat!

Your goal, while practicing yoga during pregnancy, is to keep yourself fit and flexible, feel a sense of calm as hormonal changes take place during pregnancy. Yoga exercises, approaches and postures help you stay focused on your overall well-being during these nine months followed by an easier labor and easy delivery.

Take note of these do’s and don’t’s for a healthy and safe pregnancy. And as you advance in your pregnancy you may not be able to do certain asanas, we’ve included yoga asanas that expectant mothers can do and yoga poses to avoid.

Essence Of Motherhood And Importance Of Yoga During Pregnancy


Pregnant women can do yoga until the day of their labor. Not the athletic form of yoga, but small, subtle movements along with breathing practices will help calm the mind and prepare for the big day. Finding an experienced yoga instructor is a must, so that there is no injury or alignment problems later.

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Safe And Essential Yoga Practices During Pregnancy


Physical condition and mental make-up of mother, postpartum depression and stress related to not knowing pre and post pregnancy care are pregnancy associated challenges. Meditative and stress management asanas relieve anxiety and distress to a great extent. This can also prevent high blood sugar, acid reflux and sciatica during the pregnancy cycle.

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Pregnancy And Yoga: 5 Totally Safe Poses


The chair pose (Utkatasana) enhances the muscles of the thigh and the pelvis and the pose of hand to big toe (Panangustasana) empowers them. The pose of angle (Konasana) maintains the resilience of waist and keeps adipose tissue under control. Ham’s pose with one leg (Paryankasana) empowers the muscles of the thigh, pelvis and the abdomen. The greatest advantage of the twisted pose (Vakrasna) is that your vertebral column, legs, hands and neck are put into practice, along with mild stroking to the abdominal organs.

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Safe Prenatal Yoga For Expectant Mothers


Prenatal Yoga is designed to make childbirth easy and reduce related pain. It can also help mothers create a mental connect with their unborn child and bring about a sense of relaxation. Practicing prenatal yoga regularly will help you get back to your pre-pregnancy weight and also promotes fitness in general. Take up classes with your husband or a friend.

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6 Yoga Poses To Avoid During Pregnancy


Avoid fast flowing poses in the first trimester. Avoid Boat, Moon and other twisting or compressing poses that can limit blood flow to the uterus. Avoid prone poses like Cobra, Locust, Bow, Swan. Avoid stretching poses like Wheel, Fish, and Camel that can damage pregnancy-weakened joints and ligaments. Avoid inversions. Avoid Savasana or poses where you lie flat on your back.

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Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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