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Yoga Asanas For The Depressed, Stressed, And Anxious Souls

Yoga is an excellent adjunct therapy that calms and rejuvenates your mind when dealing with depression, stress, and anxiety.

If practiced daily, yoga can help you restore both physical and emotional balance by gently releasing the tension in muscles and transferring your focus and attention to the body and breath.

Our list of effective yoga asanas include those that help relieve stress, safe yoga poses for your kids to avoid meltdowns and relax mentally, and moves to combat depression and work away your anxiety woes.

Combating Depression With Yoga


Eagle Pose helps the nervous system to reset your mood and fight feelings of grief. Dolphin Pose opens your hamstrings and triceps places where we stash emotional baggage. Lizard Pose deepens your hip flexibility and offers calmness. Peddler Pose is a powerful heart opener as it turns you upside down and boosts endorphin levels, which helps combat depression.

Yoga Poses For Mood, Anxiety And Depression


A bad mood can ruin your whole day. Your boss reprimands you, a scuffle with your beau, feeling home sick – no matter whatever caused it, yoga can uplift your mood like no else. Back Bend Pose, Headstand, Corpse pose, Legs up the wall pose, Wide-Angle Standing Forward Bend and Fish Pose can help relieve any stress and relax.

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4 Yoga Poses To Bring Your Anxiety Levels Down


In Child’s pose, broadening and contracting shoulder muscles in sync with your breathing, relieves built-up tension in body and mind. Bridge pose helps alleviate headache, backache and general fatigue. Camel pose releases stiffness and tension in the shoulders, back and chest. Standing Forward Fold pose helps relieve stress and stretch tight hamstrings.

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Inversions In Yoga Boost Blood Circulation, Reduce Stress


Whеn thе body іѕ upside down, thе heart pumps blood vigorously whісh leads tо increase in oxygen supply tо thе brain and proper blood circulation tо аll parts оf thе body. Thіѕ helps іn treatment аnd prevention оf diseases like varicose veins and flushes out lactic acid from the system to reduce the chance and intensity of cramps and pain.

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How To Use Yoga And Pranayam To Relieve Stress


A yoga asana or posture can help you increase your focus and stay in the present moment, even though numerous thoughts cross our mind. Pranayam or deep breathing helps you build your inner awareness and calm your mind. Together, yoga asanas and pranayam help you detox and flush out impurities as they directly impact your respiratory and nervous system. Here are some yoga asanas and breathing exercises to bring down your stress and anxiety levels.

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Stress Busting Yoga Flow (55-Min)


This 60-min vinyasa flow yoga sequence is centered around the theme of surrender to help de-stress. It comes with an optional, fun, stress relieving yoga playlist. If you are stressed and still want to get a great yoga workout in, this ‘yoga for stress sequence’ will help you bust through what is bothering you and cultivate serenity.

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Easy Yoga Routine For Stress (30-min)


If you are stressed out this easy 30-minute seated practice is exactly what you need. Enjoyable for experienced yogis and complete beginners. This yoga routine helps you explore healing somatic movement principals by making gentle rotations with the body. Do not worry – it is easy and there is no way to do it wrong!!

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Laugh And Clap Yoga Exercises For Stress Relief


According to Acupressure, Jin-Shin-do and Sujok systems, our hands have points which when pressed provide quick relief from many ailments. Clap yoga is great for joint pain, blood pressure, lungs and heart. Laugh yoga, also known as “Inner Jogging”, increases the body’s CO2 release, reorganizes our breathing pattern and relieves fatigue, stress and physical pain.

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5 Yoga Poses To Help Children De-Stress


Bee’s Breath – Will slow down breathing pattern and release tension. Cat Pose – Helps relieve any stress or aggression. Cloud Pose – This pose should be paired with advice about how to ‘let things go’, especially whatever is bothering us. Tree Pose – This balancing pose has a stabilizing effect. Child’s Pose – Stretches lower back and hips, calms the central nervous system.

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Why Working Moms Need To Embrace Yoga To De-Stress


For working moms yoga helps them to nurture their physical fitness as well as mental keenness so that they can give their best intellectual abilities according to the situation. Yoga helps them to be out of nagging aches, low energy levels and inconsistent enthusiasm. Here are some rejuvenating yoga poses for working women to de-stress themselves.

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5 Yoga Poses To Relieve Work-Induced Stiffness And Stress


Many of us spend hours each day sitting at a desk, hunching over keyboards. As well as making it difficult to switch off mentally, it can cause major muscles to become tight and hold onto tension. The yoga poses listed in this post, practiced mindfully, can help to reawaken the muscles, energize the body and release tension.

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Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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