Why Sugar is Bad For You

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One of the most repeated health tips you might have heard is this: Slash your sugar intake. Even then, we are not able to come out of our sugar-laden diet. But it’s high time we stopped our irresistible love for sugar as it is slowly killing us. Other than the sweetness that comes with it, everything else is wrong about it. Here is why.

1. Obesity


Are you repeatedly failing in your efforts to shed those few extra pounds? Look out for the sugar content in your diet. Obesity or weight gain is often associated with sugar since it is less in nutrients and high in calories. You are deprived of vital nutrients such as fiber, and vitamin when you bring in more sugary foods to your daily life. To add more horror to the facts, obesity, in turn leads to heart diseases and diabetes.

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2. Diabetes


An excess sugar consumption leads to resistance of insulin, an important hormone which converts glucose to energy. Thus the body accumulates too much of glucose in the blood resulting in severe health complications. And we may end up with Type II diabetes with the rising blood sugar level. If you go by American Diabetes Association recommendation, people should avoid intake of sugar-sweetened beverages to prevent diabetes.

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3.Heart Disease


Scientists have recently linked high glycemic diet with the risk of dying from heart disease. Diabetes and obesity which you derive from excess sugar intake are known risk factors for heart diseases. But the bad news is that even if you are not overweight, a sugar loaded diet might harm your heart, according to a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine. Ever increasing sugar presence in the body, elevates triglycerides and decreases heart-healthy HDL cholesterol levels derailing healthy functioning of the heart.

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4. Liver Damage


Liver is one organ that is going to get overloaded because of high sugar dose. Sugary foods tend to increase the insulin level which prompts liver to convert glucose to glycogen and store it. This will be processed to fat later. In case the sugar intake is on a rise, it will lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and eventually liver damage.

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5. Cancers


The American Cancer Society has warned that high sugar intake may indirectly increase cancer risk by promoting obesity and elevating insulin level. Insulin is a powerful stimulant of cell growth. Thus increased insulin level can be a catalyst to cancer, which is characterized by multiplication of cells. It is better to cut down on sugar to eliminate its harmful effects on metabolism and have a life free from the most dreaded disease.

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6. Tooth Decay


The basic damage that comes with excess sugar is tooth decay. The bad bacteria in the mouth when getting mixed with sugar pose a serious threat to our dental health. Make sure that your oral hygiene is not compromised when you infuse more sugar into your diet.

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7. Addictive


Have you ever wondered why you can’t beat your sugar carvings? It is because sugar is addictive and it’s effects on brain is the same as that of cocaine or heroin. Foods with high sugar content will result in the release of dopamine, which gives us a pleasurable high and we will want to re-experience it. Over the course of time, we get addicted to it.

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Scan your diet and make a decision not to overload yourself with sugar. Redefine your diet and make room for foods with high nutritional value.

Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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