What’s the Best Time of Day to Do Yoga?

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Gina Hodge

Curejoy Expert Gina Hodge Explains:

Traditional wisdom suggests that the best time for meditation and to practice Yoga is during the Amrit Vela-time of ambrosia, just before dawn. This time of day has a certain power and serenity and it is said your senses awaken and rise with the rising sun. It is also a time with the least distractions from routines and no rush to get things done. Also our morning rituals and habits tend to be more regular than any other time of day.

It is also advised to practice yoga on an empty stomach, ideally two to three hours after a large meal, and one to two hours after a lighter one. So the ideal time for most seems to be early mornings, considering uncertain eating times during the day.

Morning stiffness makes practice a bit more challenging, if you haven’t warmed up enough and it is advised to avoid stiffer and “deeper” asanas during this time. Practicing at night limits the kinds of asanas you can do as most stimulate your senses making it difficult to sleep.

Whether mornings or evenings, the most important aspect of a sustained and enriching Yoga practice is consistency and discipline. Most Yoga practitioners preach the benefits of experiencing subtle changes, mentally and physically, from doing yoga at the same time every day. The trick is to do Yoga (lighter asanas) for atleast 10 mins (4-5 asanas) every morning and follow it up with a longer session later in the day. This way missing the evening session (sometimes the morning one) will not derail your routine and you will get at least the minimum benefits from your practice daily, motivating you to stick to your Yoga regimen.