What To Expect (And, What Not To) When Pregnant With Twins!

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Twin pregnancies is scary. The mothers to be get worried about weight gain, difficulty in birth and other risks and even suffer from anxiety. The net is flooded with articles which gives first-hand experience of twin pregnancies and most of them would begin with accounting how the mother is scared, uncomfortable and in pain.


Difficult Journey For The Mother

To begin with, the news itself might come as a shock. Most women have dreams, or have their motherly intuition telling them about their twin pregnancy. However, even if you expected to give birth to twins (be it because it runs in the family or for some fertility treatment), you need to be prepared both mentally and physically.

Research have found that giving birth to multiples is a stressful process often making women more vulnerable to depression or anxiety. Talk to your doctor about antenatal classes which would help in preparing you for life as a parent. It would also help in easing your worries and concerns regarding the risks involved.

To begin with, in twin pregnancies the doctors and midwifes usually warns mothers not to raise their hopes too high as quite often one of the baby dies and vanishes by the 12th week, which would mean more extra tests just to check on your babies development.

Additionally, when diagnosed with twins, it’s always a good idea to discuss the available birth options. Most hospitals have a working policy for twin births, which would take into account all rational guidelines.

Extra Care For One Heavy Momma

Yes, you are pregnant with twins, and of course you are going to be heavy, but what it would also mean is that you need to take extra care of yourself. This care is not limited at the hospital only, (where you can expect more scans and check-ups than your previous singleton pregnancies) at home, ensure that you have ample rest and folic-acid rich foods.

Everyone around you should treat you like a queen, bending backwards to provide you with the comfort and the support that you need. Don’t be shy to ask for more, if needed!

Double The Pregnancy Symptoms

Yes, that’s true. Most mothers account on how difficult it is for them to move when pregnant with twins, but that’s just one thing. Twin mothers feel very nauseous. They also feel,

  • Short of breath, making them feel that they would faint
  • Heartburn and frequent indigestion
  • Constipated always
  • Pelvic pain (which, needs to be supported with pregnancy belts)

The symptoms making you feel down? Don’t worry, once you have given birth, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing twin babies grow together.

Help Is Always Available

The whole pregnancy may be taxing on the mind, but keep talking to your family, friends, doctor and midwife to be better prepared for the birth and after it. Take help whenever available for it is a difficult journey, but also a joyous one. Enrol yourself with institutions like Twins and Multiple Births Association and Multiple Births Foundation to get more information on local support for families with twins or more.