Weight Loss Regimens Tailored To Your Genes

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Our genes, our environment and the bacteria living in and on our bodies all play a role in obesity. People who were aware about their obesity related genetic mutations lost more weight than those who just received advice. Going forward, an algorithm could look at your DNA, levels of activity, stress and diet, and suggest a tailored weight loss strategy.

It is quite shocking that more than two thirds of the U.S. population is considered to be obese. Recent studies have found out that most people who have lost their weight with diet, exercise or medication, regain it pretty quickly.

Can Weight Loss Regimens Be Tailored To Your Genes?

Researchers have been constantly trying to find the link between genes and obesity, but gene behavior is complicated. While a mutation in one gene makes energy from food more likely to be stored as fat rather than burning it, another mutation could affect the levels of the hormone leptin, making a person more likely to overeat.

Technology is coming to the rescue. You can now submit your saliva sample to a lab for a DNA test. Armed with information about your DNA and levels of activity, stress and diet, gathered using FitBit like sensors, an algorithm could soon recommend the best way for you to achieve your target weight.

We still have no clue as to what these recommendations would look like, but a recent experiment has found that people who were aware about their obesity related mutations lost more weight in the course of a month than those who just received advice.

Still Some Way To Go

Our genes, the complex colonies of bacteria that live in and on our bodies and our environment (which can also cause changes to your genes) play an important roles in how we actually gain and lose weight. There are complex mechanisms at play and work on understanding these mechanisms has just started. The ultimate obesity solution is still some way off.

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