Can Weight Loss Diets Impair My Metabolism?

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If you are constantly on a calorie-restrictive diet with exclusion of carbs or fat and you can't eat at your full calorie capacity without gaining weight, than you are hurting your metabolism. The reason why it is bad for your metabolism is because our body adapts to it and when you come back to a regular diet, it pressurizes the system and impacts on your metabolism.

We all have a different lifestyle and at the same time our body also function in a different way, esp. the way it reacts to the variety of foods we eat. Therefore, one of the things that make weight loss and weight gain a confusing is the same functions among us (the way our body uniquely reacts to the food we eat).

Why some people lose weight or gain them easily while others don’t even after following an intense plans. This is where the word metabolism comes in. Some people can eat everything like carbs in the fast-food and sugar-intense food and still not gain a pound, while others follow a disciplined workout routine, take up controlled diet plans and still put on weight. This can be because of the difference in the metabolism rate between the two.

Can weight loss diets impair your metabolism?

One of the persons experienced a slight weight gain even after a stern workout and diet regime. This was her second weight loss plan. The first diet consisting of less calorie (about 1000) intake per day worked pretty well but after a year or so when she took up the same regime, it sort of failed to give her the expected result.

She noted that she gained a pound or more every time she ate more. But she also realized that if she overate for two or three days in a row, she slowly lost those pounds gained at the beginning.

The bottom-line is that the weight loss diet does impact your metabolism rate. However, the intensity might depend on the diet plan and your body as well.

Some of the things that will experience if you have damaged your metabolism are fast weight gain when consuming a normal amount of calories, stomach bloat, digestion issues, etc.

Important note: It’s important to consume a balanced diet of all three macronutrients: carbs, fats and protein. Eliminating one causes not only hormonal imbalances, but also the inability to lose weight.

Edited By: Vivek Chhetri