How A Week Away From Facebook Can Change Your Life

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Facebook is a highlight of only the happiness in one's life and leaves the despair and sorrow in the dark. This can cause you to envy another person's life, lifestyle or success and look down on your life. This reduces positive energy and subconsciously increases your demands from life, creating a negative cloud about self and the people around you.

Studies conducted on two groups, where one used Facebook as usual while the other stayed away from it for a week, showed mental health improved in the latter. At the end of the week the second group had a better social life, found it easier to concentrate, enjoyed a better mood and found more time to try and do new things.
The second group also revealed that they felt more positive and good about themselves. Psychologists state that this may be because with Facebook, people are generally exposed to only the achievements of other people that they tend to look down upon their own. This can leave you with disappointment over the way things are going for you and also prevent you from being social. The study showed that 5 out of 10 people faced Facebook envy, where they felt their friends had a more ‘happening’ life as compared to them, 4 envied their friends success and 1 was not affected by it.
Depending on where we are in life, Facebook can either make us feel good or mostly bad as it showcases only the jolly good moments of one’s life. This automatically urges us to compare and pitch our life with the other’s, which in reality is a poor measure of happiness.