5 Clever Ways To Turn Housework into Exercises

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Household chores can be the most bothersome and time-consuming from your other works. But, unfortunately there is no way to get around it. Think about it, everyday, sweep, mop, wash on repeat. Here are a few ways to turn up the heat and make cleaning more interesting and healthy too. What if if you could shed those extra pounds while you get to keep your house clean?

1. Squats With Veggies

Squats with veggies

Squats with veggies

Make your grocery trip count. Tone your legs after your grocery shopping trip. Keep your back straight and squat deeply by bending your knees to grab groceries from the bag and raise them to the counter. Hold them for 30 seconds before raising them to the counter if you want to feel the burn.

2. Add Weights

Add weights

Add weights

Weights are a major part of every workout. Try to move around heavy furniture while you sweep and mop. Grab the milk gallon from the fridge and perform 10 bicep curls per arm. These tasks will tire you and increase the difficulty, so don’t forget to take some breaks.

3. Towel Twist

Towel Twists

Towel Twist

Here is a great way to work your abs. Once you’re done with your laundry, sit next to a full basket of laundry and twist at the waist to get a towel from the basket. Fold the towel, twist to the other side and stack the folded towels on a pile.

4. Time It All

Time it all

Find motivation by timing your cleaning routines. This will ensure you work faster and thereby make your workout more efficient and effective. But, make sure you set realistic times for your domestic chores. Switch hands occasionally to put even pressure on both sides of your body.

5. Turn Up The Music

Turn up the music

Turn up the music

Lastly, what better way to motivate you than music? Turn up the volume and play some tunes while you work to keep your house clean and get rid of those extra pounds. Music relaxes your mind and distracts you from realizing how difficult and boring household chores can be. Make sure the music has plenty of rhythm, this will encourage you to keep your body moving.