6 Vegetables You Can Grow From Scrap

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1. Basil


Gather some basil stems and put them in water under direct sunlight. When the stem grows two inches long you can transfer it to a pot with soil and let it grow.

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2. Celery


To grow this plant at home, cut off the base of the celery and leave it in warm water. Keep the bowl in direct sunlight.

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3. Garlic Sprouts


You can put them in a little water and keep it under direct sunlight. They taste milder than garlic cloves and taste great as garnish in salads and pastas.

4. Onions


Unlike other plants, onions have to directly be grown in soil. Cut the bottom end of the onion and plant it directly into the soil and water it when required. You will notice the onion will develop roots and by the fourth week it will sprout leaves.

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5. Romaine Lettuce


Keep the base of the Romaine lettuce in 1/2 inch of warm water. Leave it under direct sunlight and in a week or two, you will notice freshly grown leaves.

6. Scallion


Leave an inch attached to the roots in water and let it evaporate. Scallions will flourish with time.

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