Can Udvartana Ayurvedic Therapy Burn Stubborn Belly Fat?

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Udvartana treatment tones and strengthens the body with the application of oils along with a mix of herbal powders. These powders are rough in nature and hot in potency and create friction when massaged. This herbal mix opens up the pores, melts down blockages in vessels, increases the heat inside tissues and seeps in to trigger fat burning metabolism.

A sedentary lifestyle may result in excessive belly fat. Udvartana is an Ayurveda treatment used for toning and strengthening the body with application of oils along with a combination of prescribed herbal powders.

How to lose stomach fat through Udvartana treatment:

Herbs Required:

  • Kulthi or Horse gram powder- 500gm.
  • Triphala powder (Harad, Baheda and Amla ) -250 gm
  • Chengalva Kostu (Costus Speciosus)- 50gm
  • Lodhra (Symplocos Racemosa)- 50gm
  • Vacha– 100gm

Procedure or Technique of Udvartana Therapy

Mix all the herbal powders mentioned above with sesame oil.

Lie in the face-up position. Starting from the left side, do horizontal movements lifting the fat / muscle tissue from left to right at least 4-6 times. Then placing your left hand over the right on the umbilicus, start to glide both the hands gently in clockwise direction making small circles. Gradually make the circles bigger covering the entire abdomen and then reduce the circle size coming to the centre of the abdomen.

This treatment will reduce excessive stomach fat without any side affects.

Duration: Massage daily for 15 minutes .

Other Herbs Used In The Udvartana for Weight Loss: Kolkullathadi, Kottumchukkadi etc.

Other Oils Used In The Udvartana for Weight Loss: Kottumchukadi, Triphala, Dhanwantaram, Karpasasthyadi.

How does the Udvartana Treatment  work?

In this treatment, herbal powders are used (in form of oils or dry powders) that are dry and rough in nature and hot in potency.

This herbal paste (powders and oils) when rubbed on the body in a specific manner creates friction, which open the pores, remove blockages in vessels, increases the heat in the tissues and percolates inside to stimulate fat metabolism.

Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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