When The Twins Met For The First Time

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Twins Reese and Rylan after their birth. Photo: YouTube

Most times when talking about when two people met, one probably always thinks of a romantic scenario, maybe a scene from ‘The Notebook’, ‘How I met your mother’ and the like.

Here’s a little something to change the trend, by narrating a story of when these newborn twins met for the first time.

Siblings share a special bond, and besides the Disney movie, Frozen, which set the bar for sibling love above a romantic one.

Likewise, twins have a special bond starting from their mother’s womb being created together, to growing together, to who comes into the world first, to the journey they share together after.1


It is almost unlike anything else.

One dad in the US, named, Lonie Paxton, realized this and recorded a video of the moment his twins, Reese and Rylan were delivered by a cesarean section.

Just as all babies do, the brother and sister wailed upon delivery, even when the nurses and doctors ensured they were alright, breathing well and cut their umbilical cords off.

But, all those cries just stopped the second they were put next to each other on the same baby bed, it was almost like a magical safety zone they had entered. The world they came into, which was still alien to them didn’t matter because they were in each other’s company, as they were when they were floating next to each other in the same womb.


That mutual presence, made all the difference in terms of comfort and security.

The twins are now three years old and their connection is strong if not stronger. Continuing to awe the world with the adorable images that their dad and footballer, puts up on Instagram.

So maybe next time you hear the line, ‘the first time they met’, that hopeless romantic side could be given a rest and the other bonds or relationships can be given that association too.

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