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Say Goodbye To Teeth Stains And Discoloration With Turmeric

Store-bought teeth whiteners corrode teeth and get rid of the enamel, making your teeth more sensitive and prone to discoloration. Try turmeric for teeth whitening instead to prevent harmful side effects. Simply wet your toothbrush, dip it in turmeric powder, and brush your teeth like you normally would. Leave the turmeric on for 3–5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Brush again with your regular toothpaste and rinse to reveal pearly white teeth.

If you smoke or drink a lot of coffee, you are highly likely to have discolored teeth or stains. Chances are you may use store-bought teeth whitening products to get rid of the stains and discoloration. Over-the-counter products normally use peroxide-based gels, which bleach the stains and get rid of the discoloration in a jiffy. So, you’re bound to keep using them often. But did you know that using these teeth whitening products is horrible for your teeth in the long run? Read on to know why and how you can ditch these store-bought products for natural alternatives.

Why Store-Bought Teeth-Whitening Products Aren’t Okay

 Store-Bought Teeth Whitening Products Corrode Tooth Enamel, Making Teeth More Prone To Stains And Discoloration

Many teeth-whitening products use a compound called chlorine dioxide, which is also used to disinfect swimming pools. While it’s great that this compound whitens your teeth, it is a bleaching agent. And a bleaching agent should be the last thing you want to have in your mouth.

Teeth-whitening products work by corroding the top layer of your teeth that is stained or discolored. This leaves your teeth without an enamel, the layer protecting the inner, sensitive parts. Without the enamel, your teeth are more prone to staining and further discoloration. Teeth-whitening products may also cause chemical burns on your gums, resulting in permanent damage or even loss of teeth. So, you’re probably better off using a natural alternative. Turmeric, a popular kitchen ingredient, happens to be one.

Why Use Turmeric For Whitening Your Teeth

 Regular Use Of Turmeric Is Said To Remove Teeth Stains And Lighten Overall Tooth Color

Turmeric, which is a popular spice in Asian food, is also known for its great health benefits thanks to its active ingredient curcumin. It prevents inflammation and, in turn, serious health conditions like arthritis. Turmeric also has antioxidant properties, which helps in preventing damage to cells and DNA. This helps in preventing chronic illnesses like heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

Although turmeric is known to stain everything it comes in contact with, it is said to work amazingly well for teeth whitening. It is believed to remove any teeth stains and lighten your overall tooth color. Regular use has been found to leave teeth bright and shiny.

Home Remedies For Teeth Whitening Using Turmeric

Turmeric, By Itself And In Combination With Coconut Oil, Works Wonders For Teeth Stains

Turmeric Tooth Powder

Try this simple remedy for a few days consistently, and you’ll be amazed at how white your teeth become.


  • 1/8 tsp organic turmeric powder
  • An exclusive toothbrush for the turmeric (if you’re worried about a stained toothbrush)


  1. Wet your toothbrush.
  2. Dip it in turmeric powder.
  3. Brush your teeth like you normally would but don’t rinse your mouth when you’re done.
  4. Leave the turmeric on for about 3–5 minutes.
  5. Then, spit and rinse your mouth with water thoroughly.
  6. After this, brush with your regular toothpaste and rinse well.
  7. If you notice any yellow at the corners of your mouth, wash it off with some soap or face wash.
  8. Any turmeric on your teeth or gums will leave a yellow tint. Rinsing the turmeric well is important for white teeth.

Turmeric Toothpaste

You need coconut oil here to form a turmeric paste for easy usage.


  • 1/4 tsp organic turmeric powder
  • 1/8 tsp melted coconut oil
  • An exclusive toothbrush for the turmeric (if you’re worried about a stained toothbrush)


  1. Mix the turmeric powder and coconut oil in a bowl.
  2. Scoop it on your toothbrush.
  3. Brush your teeth like you would normally but don’t rinse your mouth.
  4. Leave this natural toothpaste on for 3–5 minutes.
  5. Then, rinse well with plain water. Try and get most of the turmeric off your teeth and gums.
  6. Brush the rest of it away with your usual toothpaste and rinse thoroughly.

Try these simple but effective home remedies for teeth whitening and you’ll never have to use store-bought teeth whiteners again.

Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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