Top 20 Home Remedies Which Everyone Should Know

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1. Apple For Migraine Headache

Eating an Apple on an empty stomach in the morning relieves one of migraine pain. This must be done for a few mornings.

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2. Tulsi, Garlic & Honey Mixture

For severe cough, mix tulsi juice with garlic juice and honey. A teaspoon of this mixture is taken once every three hours will treat excessive coughing.

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3. Honey-Ginger Cold Remedy

Mix 2 teaspoons of honey with equal quantity of ginger juice. The concoction helps to expectorate mucus, providing relief for the common cold, coughs and sore throat.

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4. Garlic Juice For Ear Infection

A drop garlic juice into your ear helps to relieve the pain of an ear infection.

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5. Pomegranate For Heart Health

Having pomegranate juice daily is good for heart and useful for people suffering from low Blood Pressure (Hypotension)

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6. Clove Cures Acidity

Sucking a piece of Clove after meal helps in reducing acidity problem.


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7. Garlic For Healthy Stomach

A flake of garlic swallowed with water taken empty stomach daily in the morning can be helpful in solving many stomach & gastric problems.

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8. Dates For Dry Cough

Open 6 dates and boil in 1/2 liter of milk for 25 minutes over low heat. Drink three cups a day. This is ultimate dry cough remedy.


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9. Watermelon Cures Chronic Headaches

Headache caused by summer heat is cured by consuming watermelon juice. Just one glass a day works wonders

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10. Beet For Constipation

Eat before breakfast half cup of cooked beets if you suffer from chronic constipation or indigestion.


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