Using Tomatoes To Soothe Varicose Veins

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Take a few washed tomatoes, slice them and sandwich the slices to the affected region with the help of plastic wrap. Wait for a few minutes until you feel a stinging sensation, remove the wrap and wash with water. Try this 5 times a day in a week and see the difference. Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants, which aid blood vessel repair and function.

Varicose veins are blood vessels located close to the skin and swollen to an abnormal degree. This looks gruesome in most cases with blue and red veins bulging from the skin in your legs. Experts say that this occur as some blood vessels have damaged valves that allow blood to flow back rather than retain it, which increases blood pressure in blood vessels and causes them to swell up. Pregnancy, obesity, prolonged standing can worsen varicose veins as blood volume increases significantly in these cases.
Although there are cosmetic remedies for varicose veins, they aren’t economical nor risk free. Sclerotherapy, a procedure that involves injecting a chemical into the veins that scars and obliterates the veins. This may cause swelling, allergic reactions, chemical ulceration or further discolor the skin. There are other laser and cream based treatments, both of which bear risks of permanent pigmentation, skin inflammation. Apart from the risks involved, these solutions require repeated attention and deep pockets to go through with.
A simple yet effective alternative to these chemical procedures is tomatoes. Grab a few tomatoes, wash, slice them and place them on your varicose veins. Secure them to your skin with the help of bandage or plastic wrap. Wait for a few minutes until you feel a stinging sensation, remove the wrap and wash with veins. Follow this 5 times a day for a week. Tomatoes contain a substance similar to aspirin, which prevents thickening of blood and reduces pressure on blood vessels. The abundance of antioxidants also repairs damaged blood vessels and strengthens their walls.

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