7 Tips To Make Sure Your Facial Doesn't Damage Your Skin

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Avoid waxing, sun exposure, scrubbing and exfoliation at least 24 hrs before a facial as they may leave skin inflamed and more open. This can make a facial cause irritation or infection. Don't pinch, scratch or rub pimples and warts, a facial can irritate the region. Avoid using botox or eyelash extensions at least 48 hrs prior to a facial.

Facials can backfire if you indulge in certain skincare related activities before it. Here are 7 tips that will help prevent your facial from ending badly.
1. Avoid Waxing: Don’t wax 24 hours before a facial as waxing can aggressively exfoliate the surrounding skin, leaving it more sensitive and prone to a rash. A facial can further damage your skin or cause irritation.
2. Don’t Scrub: Avoid using a face sponge or scrubber before a facial, it can inflame skin which is not ideal.
3. Avoid thee Sun: Stay away from sunlight the day before. Facials can easily fix pigmentation caused by sunlight but your skin needs a break to settle after sun exposure. Skin inflamed by sunlight can react with other acne removing ingredients in the treatment.
4. Drugs Aside: If you’re using botox, keep it away for at least 48 hours before your facial. Massaging skin that has been injected recently can move the chemical to other regions of the face and also cause pain.
5. Hands Off: Don’t pinch or scratch pimples, marks or anything on your face. This may open up your skin, leaving it prone to infection after a facial.
6. No Extensions: The glue in eyelash extensions¬†shouldn’t be exposed to any lotion or steam, at least for 48 hours. Avoid them and any other accessories as well.
7. Forgo Exfoliation: Avoid exfoliation before a facial as exfoliates contain retinol and glycolic acid that can sensitize the outermost layer of the skin.

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