Best Time To Workout For Weight Loss

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Studies conducted on two groups of fit men showed that those who consumed over 30% more calories than usual and worked out before breakfast and after breakfast. The group that worked out before breakfast, maintained weight and fitness. While the other group had insulin problems, gained weight and had reduced fitness levels.

Best Time To Exercise To Lose Weight

Studies show that the best time to workout for weight loss is before breakfast on an empty stomach, early in the morning can help burn a greater amount of calories as compared to exercising later during the day.
A study conducted in 2010 had a group of men consume 30% more calories and 50% more fat than they had already been eating. While one group worked out after breakfast the other worked out before. At the end of six weeks the men who worked out after breakfast had put on about 3 pounds and developed insulin problems. While the men worked out straight out of bed gained no weight, maintained balanced insulin levels and burned more fat than those from the other group.
Although working out before breakfast doesn’t help you lose weight significantly, it gives you a fit physique, keeps you motivated and may most likely result in weight loss than when you work out after breakfast.
This routine requires a strict diet, any deviations can make the process less different from working out at other odd times.

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