9 Things We Find Attractive In Potential Partners

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When we begin to go out with someone new, we may consciously or unconsciously look for certain things we find attractive in them. From the very first date our brains are trying to pick up on clues as to whether our potential partner fits certain standards we may have subconsciously set. Here is a list of some of the criteria we may base our decisions on.

1. Their Personality

People Have Increasingly Rated Personality Over Looks When They Get Into A More Long-term Relationship

Many people report both physical attractiveness and personality as factors they take into consideration before dating someone. But people have increasingly rated personality over looks when they get into a more long-term relationship. Kindness, loyalty, and sincerity are key values most people look for and appreciate in their potential partners.

2. Similarity To Us

 People Who Share Similar Interests Are Able To Invest In Activities Together

Several studies suggest that there is higher compatibility when we’re with people who are similar to us. People who share similar interests are able to invest in activities together and have more to discuss with each other than couples who have “nothing in common”. Apart from similar interests and shared tastes, people who share similarity in their values, principles, and beliefs are less likely to be in conflict with each other. Although resolving conflict makes relationships stronger, too many initial conflicts might be off-putting.

3. Sense Of Familiarity

: Humans Are Drawn Towards And Attracted To People They Feel A Sense Of Familiarity With

Research has found that humans are drawn towards and attracted to people they feel a sense of familiarity with. Which is a reason you may like someone who has qualities similar to either one of your parents. Familiarity and exposure is another reason why people very often tend to get into relationships with people they meet at work or school.

4. Emotional Stability

: Most Of Us Are Also Drawn Towards People Who Exhibit Lesser Stress

Emotional stability is another quality that most people pay attention to when they’re dating someone new. People who appear more positive and content with their lives seem more attractive that those who are moody and negative. Most of us are also drawn towards people who exhibit lesser stress.

5. Qualities We May Want To Improve In Ourselves

 We May Look For Qualities In Our Partners That We Want To Improve In Ourselves

We may sometimes look for qualities in our partners that we want to consciously or subconsciously improve in ourselves. We may perceive these qualities as highly desirable and having a partner who has them may make us feel like we’re closer to what we want.

6. Their Body And Facial Symmetry

 People Are Attracted To Symmetrical Bodies And Face Shapes

Although beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, science has shown us that men and women are subconsciously attracted to people who are have more symmetrical bodies and face shapes. Men may subconsciously look out for women with broader hips as an indication of higher reproductive capability and women may subconsciously look for men with broader shoulders.

7. Their Physical Features

: People Who Smile More Are Seen As More Physically Attractive Than Those Who Don’t

We may subconsciously be attracted to certain physical features of our potential partners. It is popularly assumed that people with healthy looking hair are physically healthy as well. Another important physical feature is people’s smiles. People who smile more tend to be seen as more physically attractive than those who don’t.

8. How Their Voice Sounds

 The Pitch Of Your Potential Partner's Voice May Also Play A Role

It turns out the pitch of your potential partner’s voice may also play a role in taking the relationship forward. It has been traditionally assumed that women prefer men with deeper voices and men prefer women with more high-pitch and sweet sounding voices. But studies have found that preferences in voice vary depending on several conditions.

9. Level Of Confidence

Confidence In Both Men And Women Is An Extremely Attractive Quality

Confidence in both men and women is an extremely attractive quality that people are drawn toward. Knowing that you look and feel attractive will make you more desirable than if you had low self-esteem and were filled with doubt.

Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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