Therapy Dog, JJ, Brightens The Last Few Days of Oregon Hospice Patient

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Dog has not been called man’s (or woman’s) best friend for no reason. Being the furry companions, that never give up on us, love us unconditionally no matter how we scold them or treat them, and of course giving us those ‘puppy dog’ eyes that almost gaze into our very souls.1

Here is one furry buddy, named JJ, a therapy dog, that went beyond that and was the paw a dying hospice patient held lovingly before she passed.Therapy dogs are given to children and adults as the one person who will give them love, affection and comfort in different settings, be it at home, near hospital beds, nursing or old-age homes and even in special needs schools.The pivotal role these canine counterparts play is accompanying dying patients in hospice centers, especially those getting mitigative treatments for the rest of their lives.

JJ here is a hospice dog, who works hard to calm her patients down, working long shifts with her hospice nurse Tracy Calhoun in Oregon and JJ even has her own Facebook page.

JJ literally goes room to room to snuggle and nuzzle up to hospice patients, each of whom are facing their own version of illness and receiving that respective treatment.

Despite the various patients, however, to one elderly woman in particular, JJ was the only source of love she could get in the final moments of her life, and that meant the world to her.

JJ sweetly cuddled up to this elderly hospice patient, as she was listening to poetry. This lady had no family left when she came to the hospice center, so she adopted the love from her caregivers and especially sweet JJ, as the true beautiful nuggets of life, she had left.

Making the lady’s last days as loving and comfortable as possible. They made a video of those final days complete with pampering her and giving her a manicure, hearing tales of her life and seeing that she had never changed, from being independent and a chatter-box even during her last days alive.

Despite having nobody with her, she had a soft spot for dogs and when JJ came into her life, she knew her last days in the hospice and on Earth, were bliss.

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