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8 Essential Yoga Books For Beginners: Healthy Reads

So have you decided to take up yoga? Naturally, you want some books that will help you understand this rich and ancient art form, but where to begin? As the popularity of yoga continues to skyrocket, hundreds of new titles are published each year. Talking Yoga has curated 8 essential titles[.....]

Bhujangasana Or Cobra Pose: Steps, Benefits, Precautions And Expert Tips

Let’s say you are constrained (by whatever reason) to pick just one Yoga asana to do every day – Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) would be a very wise choice. The human backbone has probably never endured as much stress in its 200,000 years of evolutionary history as it does on a[.....]

6 Yoga Poses To Avoid During Pregnancy

Avoid fast flowing poses in the first trimester. Avoid Boat, Moon and other twisting or compressing poses that can limit blood flow to the uterus. Avoid prone poses like Cobra, Locust, Bow, Swan. Avoid stretching poses like Wheel, Fish, and Camel that can damage pregnancy-weakened joints and ligaments. Avoid inversions. Avoid Savasana or poses where you lie flat on your back.

14 Yoga Poses For Effective, Natural, And Quick Weight Loss

Yoga not only helps tighten your muscles, but it also strengthens your body, increases your flexibility, and helps you get rid of all the extra jiggle. There are hundreds of yoga poses, or asanas, that strengthen, detox, and balance your body. So, grab your mat and get to work! We have 14 yoga[.....]

6 Must-Do Yoga Asanas For Back Pain

To relieve recurrent back pain caused by sitting all day and to improve flexibility in your spine, try Jatara Parivartanasana (revolved abdomen pose), Upavista Konasana (wide-seated forward bend), Paschimottanasana (seated forward bend), Marichyasana (seated twist), Bhujangasana (cobra pose), and Shavasana (corpse pose). Add these to your daily yoga routine.

Which Yoga Exercises Help Increase Sperm Count?

Ashwani Mudra - Sit in a meditative pose. Slowly pull the anus and lower abdominal muscles up and relax. Agnisar Kriya - Stand with feet apart. Place hands on the knees and loosen your belly. Exhale, hold your breath out and pull your stomach in as far as you can, such that it touches your back. Then, loosen and release the stomach.

Get Rid Of Your Bra Bulge With These 9 Exercises And Yoga Poses

T-Raises: Stand with feet hip width apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand. Bend at your knees, lean forward, keep back straight. Hold weights in front of you and move to sides forming a T. Mountain Climbers: Get into plank position. Bring left knee to chest and pull it back. Bring right knee to chest and replicate a climbing motion. Repeat for about 8 to 10 reps.

Virechana Panchakarma: An Ayurvedic Detox For Pitta Dosha 

Virechana Karma is a medicated purgation therapy which removes Pitta toxins from the body and is recommended in cases of Chronic Fever, Diabetes, Asthma, Joint disorders, Digestive disorders, Hyper acidity, Headaches, Gynaecological disorders etc. It should be avoided in small children, the elderly and in cases where digestive fire is weak.

Differences Between Ashtanga Yoga And Bikram Yoga

Both styles are power yogas, but they differ in various ways: Ashtanga builds internal heat whereas Bikram studio is external. Bikram yoga follows a sequence of 26 poses to strengthen muscles and compress organs, Ashtanga looks more to finding one's own physical, emotional and mental level, ultimately to make the impossible-possible.

Anahata Chakra/ Heart Chakra: The Love Chakra

Anahata/ Heart chakra embodies the infinite spirit of love. Even though the one who has opened the heart chakra experiences bliss, this will only be fleeting and transient. The lesson of this chakra is to grow above dependency and worldly attachment, to learn that it's time to leave and pursue higher goals once your duties to the material world is complete.

5 Yoga Poses For Slim Hips And Thighs

Child Pose: Relieves stress, not advised for pregnant women. Warrior Pose I: Strengthens back, shoulders and arm muscles, not recommended for heart disease patients. Warrior Pose II: Increases stamina, people with neck pain should avoid. Cobbler's Pose: Revitalizes abdominal region. Downward Dog Pose: Relieves depression and improves digestion.

4 Simple Yoga Poses For Nausea That Offer Instant Relief

It's safer to do yoga for nausea than take pills, right? Try virasana. Kneel down and make your hips touch the ground and the heels touch the sides of your hips. Raise your arms above your head and breathe. You can do reclining virasana too. To perform baddha konasana, sit down, bring your feet in front, and make the soles join. Breathe for several minutes. Try viparita karani by lying on the ground and putting your legs up a wall.

Manipūra/Solar Plexus Chakra: Controlling Your Desires

Manipura chakra is the center of physical and material strength, the center of will and dynamism, with emphasis on ruling over the lower regions. When the chakra is not blocked, it manifests itself in the increased sense of self-esteem, clear vision of one's own meaning of existence, and in the realization that dreams other people find impossible can indeed be fulfilled. The Spiritual becomes the basis of all life activities.

Svadhishthana Chakra /Sacral Chakra: Unlocking The Secrets

Svadhisthana chakra begins to develop between ages 2 and 4. The aspects of this chakra are: procreation, family and fantasy. The earth element of Muladhara chakra dissolves into the water element, thus showing it connection to the previous chakra. This chakra deals with emotions, sexuality, intimacy, reproduction, pleasure and personal relationships.

Yoga Asanas For Thyroid Problems: A Naturally Healthy Thyroid

Sarvangasana cures thyroid imbalance by boosting blood flow and pushing purified blood to the thyroid gland. Practice it in the early morning and evening, starting with a duration of 2 mins and extending up to 10 mins. Follow it up with matsyasana, which releases pressure on the neck and the tongue, strengthens the lower back, spine, and core region, and improves the nervous system. Hold the pose for 15 secs.