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Effects Of Passive Smoking During Pregnancy

Secondhand smoke or passive smoking is the smoke exhaled into the environment by a tobacco smoker, or the smoke that comes from the end of tobacco-containing smoking products. Approximately 4,000 chemicals are present in second hand smoke, many of which may cause cancer. Exposing yourself to secondhand smoke during pregnancy[.....]

Can Breast Implants Cause Cancer?

Media and advertising, fashion models, and movie stars make you believe that big breasts are more attractive and make you look more ‘womanly’. If you have a bigger bust size, you’re likely to impress people more. Having small breasts, or changes in your bust size especially with age, after breastfeeding[.....]

Can Menopause Cause Weight Loss?

Menopause is a phase dreaded by nearly all women from around the world, and it’s no surprise why. Along with severely ‘blue’ moods, hot flashes, and sleeplessness, comes the problem of putting on weight, especially near the stomach area. Certain women, however, experience a loss of weight as they transition[.....]

Eating Disorder: Types, Risk Factors, Signs, And Ways To Deal With It

Conversations about waistlines and how much you weigh have become commonplace today. But if this has become an obsession, it's time to check for a more serious condition known as an eating disorder. Eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating disorders can seriously impact physical health, emotional wellness, productivity, and relationships. They can even be life-threatening. Women and adolescent girls are especially vulnerable to eating disorders. Watching out for the risk factors and warning signs can help save someone's life.

Signs And Symptoms Of Dehydration In Infants And Toddlers

Pinch your baby’s skin and observe how long it takes to spring back. Gently apply pressure to their sternum to see how quickly the color rushes back. Make them sit and look over their head to check if their fontanelle is sunken. Toddlers and infants are at a high risk of dehydration, so pay close attention to their behavior and appearance.

How To Prevent Weight Gain During Menopause

Unwanted weight gain can be disappointing at any age. For women, menopause is an inevitable stage in their lives, and menopause may cause undesirable weight gain, especially around the abdomen. As we age, metabolism slows down and this factor may contribute to the excess weight women gain during menopause. Women may not be able[.....]

Benefits Of Shivlingi (Bryonia Laciniosa) Seeds

Shivlingi seeds (scientifically known as Bryonia Laciniosa) is one of ayurveda’s most well-known discoveries, specifically used for sterility treatment. These seeds are well known for their anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, analgesic, anti-fungal, antihyperlipidemic, spermatogenic and antipyretic properties. These properties make it an effective uterine tonic that can cure infertility in women. Benefits[.....]

Can I Jog While Pregnant?

If you love to jog, your pregnancy is no reason to stop your favorite activity. In fact, OB/GYNs recommend that expectant moms who jogged regularly pre-pregnancy continue to do so for the duration of their pregnancy as long as they are comfortable. Moms who jog during their pregnancy tend to gain less weight, have babies of a healthy weight, and experience shorter labor. It can also help you snap back into shape more quickly, postpartum. Get your doctor's go ahead and jog those pregnancy jitters away.

What Causes Dehydration And How Do You Treat It?

You can get dehydrated if you don’t drink enough water; sweat excessively because of humidity, hot weather, fever, or strenuous exercise; have diarrhea or vomiting; have kidney disease, diabetes, or a hormone deficiency which increases urination; have too much alcohol, or are recovering from burns. Infants and the elderly are particularly vulnerable. You can treat dehydration by replenishing lost fluids and minerals – drink water, eat fresh fruit, and use an oral rehydration solution.

10 Life Lessons You Learn From Being Raised By A Strong Mother

When we are born, the very first humans we interact with and form a general impression about well, all people, come from the interactions and characters our mothers have. Besides, our mothers also become our first guides, teachers, pillars of strength during the tough times, and our first friends. She[.....]

The Psychological Importance Of A Dad

Motherhood often takes precedence over fatherhood when it comes to rearing a child, but did you know that a father plays an equally important psychological role in the upbringing of a child? A video posted by Full Frontal Fatherhood 1, featuring Julian Redwood, emphasized that the role of a dad in[.....]

What Are Your Periods Trying To Say To You?

Cramps, bloating, heavy flow, PMS, and backache; your periods do not fail to surprise you every time they arrive. They are supposedly every woman’s bad days. Your periods are not just about wearing pads and getting with the day, or blaming last night’s dinner for excessive bloating and pain today.[.....]

8 Characteristics Of Truly Strong Women

One can search all the dictionaries of the world and not find one word that accurately describes a strong woman. However, you may refer to literature and even history to find such women. Like ones who have fought for their country, given their lives to being the first woman to[.....]

10 Cancer Signs Women Often Ignore

Most often your body shows signs that might be signalling the onslaught of a bigger health concern. Listening to your body may bring to your notice things that are different, odd or unexplained. Many cancer signs mimic symptoms of other diseases and is most often brushed aside. Here are 10[.....]

11 Things You Should Know Before Giving Birth To Your Baby

Being a list person usually helps. You can make grocery list, to-do list, list of things you want to buy, list of things you want to make. So needless to say, you should make a big list of things to do before your baby is born. It is actually super helpful. Here is the list[.....]