Should You Add Salt Water To Your Skin-Care Routine?

Salt water has antimicrobial properties which help it disinfect skin and clean minor wounds. It can exfoliate skin as well. Salt water works well as a natural deodorizer due to its antimicrobial properties. Dead sea saltwater, which is rich in magnesium salts, can improve atopic dry skin. Having a saltwater bath prior to phototherapy can help treat psoriasis more effectively. A dab of saltwater followed by tea tree oil may also help tackle pimples.

Here’s The Right Way To Shampoo Your Thick Mane

Having beautiful and thick hair is everyone’s dream. But not all of us are bestowed with them. If you happen to be blessed with thick, long hair, then you will surely know the effort it takes to keep it healthy and looking great. And more than anything else, it’s washing[.....]

6 Non-Toxic Cleaning Products For Your Home

Commercially available cleaners, detergents, and dishwashing liquids can affect your health in various ways. Moreover, they are non-biodegradable and can cause environmental pollution too. It's best to use non-toxic ingredients like vinegar, washing soda, Castille soap, borax and essential oils to make safe all-purpose cleaners, detergents, dishwashing liquid and air fresheners.

5 Easy Steps To Grow And Harvest Cucumbers At Home

Homegrown vegetables are cost-effective and safer alternatives for consumption when compared to the store-bought ones. One such vegetable you can grow in your balcony or garden is the cucumber. Being a summer vegetable, it needs plenty of sunlight. Once you find a good sunny spot, proper care is needed for about 60 days and your cucumbers will be ready for harvest.

Why Drinking Too Much Water During Pregnancy Is Not A Concern

Water carries the nutrients from your food to the baby. It also removes toxins from your body and prevents urinary tract infections and early contractions. It also improves the quantity of amniotic fluid that is essential for your baby's growth. Experts say that you should have close to 3 liters of fluids every day, of which 1.5 liters should be water.

When Can I Start Giving Water To A Newborn Baby?

Babies, like all humans, get thirsty. But before you reach for that bottle of water to feed your newborn, know that an infant under 6 months of age simply doesn’t need water. Especially if they are breastfed. In fact, health authorities worldwide warn against giving newborn babies water due to the risk of diarrhea and malnutrition. There’s also the risk of water intoxication to consider. Breast milk more than makes up for the absence of plain water in a baby’s diet while plying them with the nutrients their body needs.

6 Ayurvedic Rituals You Must Follow To Boost Your Vitality

Ayurvedic rituals follow a definite schedule which must be followed on a regular basis to boost your vitality. Waking up before sunrise, drinking warm water, exercising and meditating, cleansing your body all have their own benefits that will keep you going throughout the day. Additionally, eating food only when you are hungry can help you digest your food better and keep you healthy.

What To Expect With Balneotherapy

If you’re struggling with rheumatoid arthritis, back pain, or even psoriasis, you may want to explore balneotherapy. A medicated or therapeutic water-based spa treatment, it allows you to relax, helps prevent illness, and maintain good health. Prepare to soak in waters full of therapeutic minerals or enhanced with essential oils, enzymes, seaweed, or even mud! And rest assured, it’s all good for you!

Tips To Improve Breathing Underwater While Swimming

If you find yourself out of breath when you swim or unable to get to the next level with your swimming, your breathing technique could be out of whack. Practice with some yogic breathing on dry land, perfect your technique with a drill while standing in waist-deep water, and learn bilateral breathing. Whether you’re doing the breaststroke, freestyle, or butterfly stroke, the right way can improve your efficiency and reduce oxygen demand for breathing so it can be used to power your swimming.

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good For Kidney Stones?

Knowing how to tackle kidney stones will help you effectively dissolve these before they get too large or travel too far into the urinary tract. The properties of apple cider vinegar work together to help soften, reduce the size, and dissolve your kidney stones, and also help flush out your kidney. Combine it with water, honey, lemon juice, or baking powder, or apply it as a poultice to the areas that are causing you pain in order to treat your kidney stones.

7 Simple Kitchen Hygiene Rules That Will Keep You Healthy

Your shiny, spotless kitchen may not show it, but it is a hotbed for bacterial activity! Ensuring proper hygiene in the kitchen when cleaning, preparing, cooking, and storing food is critical in order to prevent food-borne illnesses including diarrhea, E coli, hepatitis A, gastroenteritis, and salmonella poisoning. Washing your hands, cleaning sponges and dishcloths, sanitizing kitchen surfaces and cutting boards, and knowing how to handle produce and raw meats are essential parts of kitchen hygiene.

Salt Water Gargle For A Sore Throat: How Does It Work?

Salt water gargling is a popular, first-line-of-defence therapy to ease a sore throat. Research validates it as a cost-effective and useful method to counter most upper respiratory tract infections. A salt water solution works on the principle of osmosis, drawing out water from the swollen, infected areas of the throat and providing quick symptomatic relief. Ayurvedic practitioners recommend adding a pinch of turmeric powder as well to enhance the effectiveness of this remedy.

How Long Does Bottled Water Last?

Purified bottled water lasts beyond the labeled shelf life of 1–2 yrs. It may just taste different. But improper storage, exposure to heat, sunlight, or chemicals, and the bottle material can contaminate the water. Look for purified water with NSF certification. Boil it if you must use it beyond the expiry date. Bottled water you've opened can taste fine and last for a few weeks. Pure tap water can last up to 6 months.

10 Factors To Consider Before You Adopt A Pet Octopus

It may sound very exciting to own an exotic sea creature such as an octopus as a pet, but taking care of one is not as exciting. Before you buy a pet octopus, there are a few things you need to be careful about. Adopting a pet without knowing the[.....]

Benefits Of Water Fasting For Skin Health And Acne

By restricting the intake to just water, the body gets an opportunity to flush out toxins and harmful substances. Blood circulation in the body also improves resulting in efficient oxygen supply to the cells all over the body. Skin health also improves and many conditions like acne, pimples, scars and dry skin can be cured by water fasting.