Warm Up

How To Manage The Health Risks Of Running

Don't run full throttle the very first day. Give your heart and your muscles time to cope and settle into a routine. Then step up the speed and the mileage to get benefits. Any sign of nagging pains and aches, halt and head to your physio. Slip on the right pair of shoes that will enhance your performance and keep sipping enough water before, during, and after the run to keep your blood pressure from dipping below normal.

A 4-Step Warm-Up Before Running: Why And How To Do It

Warming up before running stimulates blood circulations, enhances endurance and flexibility, and decreases the risk of injuries. Start with brisk walking and toe and heel walking. Move on to jogging for short strides. Finish up with dynamic stretches like front and lateral lunges, hip circles, skipping, and high knees.