5 Home Remedies To Treat Tuberculosis Naturally

Tuberculosis can weaken and even debilitate you. Natural herbal treatments and home remedies can be the perfect gentle way to heal your body and nurse it back to health. From easily available black pepper and garlic to the more exotic Indian gooseberry or drumstick, several remedies can come to your aid. Alongside these, eating right and getting adequate sunshine can be just what the doctor ordered!

Causes Of Tuberculosis (TB)

Tuberculosis is caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis. If you live or work in close quarters with a person infected with TB, spend hours in unhygienic places, or are not getting proper nourishment, you run the risk of contracting this infectious disease. If you are elderly, very young, diabetic, or have HIV/AIDS or other illnesses, or are undergoing chemotherapy, you tend to be more vulnerable.

Signs And Symptoms Of Tuberculosis (TB)

TB could be latent, active or miliary. It could affect the lungs leading to pulmonary TB with symptoms like chills, fever, sweating in the night, weight loss, tissue loss, incessant coughing and coughing up blood. If the TB affects any other organ in the body, there will be symptoms specific to that organ in addition to the constitutional symptoms.

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