What Is The Best Time To Sleep And Wake Up According To Ayurveda?

According to ayurveda, time periods in a day are dominated by the three doshas. Vata dominance is from 2AM-6AM and 2PM-6PM, Kapha is from 6AM-10AM and 6PM-10PM and Pitta is from 10AM-2PM and 10PM-2AM. Vata is known for movement, so during this period there is heightened mental alertness. Pitta time[.....]

Does Sleeping In The Afternoon Make You Fat?

Your lifestyle and genetics determine your ability to gain or lose weight as well as a lower energy-intake to energy-expenditure ratio (energy balance equation). Multiple studies have concluded that sleeping in itself cannot cause weight gain. Our bodies are expending energy even while asleep to fuel the complex processes required to grow, maintain, repair and survive.

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