10 Common HIV Myths And Facts

HIV is commonly transmitted through vaginal and anal sex. It’s unlikely to get it through oral sex, but it can happen if an open mouth sore touches infected blood, semen, or vaginal fluids. If you get infected, symptoms might take about 10 years to develop. Testing is the only way to know. Early treatment with antiretroviral therapy will stop HIV from becoming AIDS, letting you live a healthy life, be in a serious relationship, and have babies.

Breakthrough Bleeding: Causes And Ways To Deal With It

Unexpected spotting or bleeding between periods can be worrying besides being most annoying. It is important to pin down the problem quickly – especially if you’re pregnant or you’re at risk of problems like sexually transmitted infections, PCOS, or even cancer. You may also just experience spotting due to an intrauterine device, birth control pills, or an implantation of a pregnancy. But it is better to put your mind at rest and get treated if it is something more serious.

An Age By Age Guide On How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex

Before your child is 2 years old, teach the proper names for genitals. From 3 to 5, talk about where babies come from and talk about consent, respect, and privacy. Prepare your child for puberty during ages 6 to 9, so it’ll be less scary for them. Both boys and girls should know about periods and safe sex. From 10 to 13, have open discussions about changing bodies and feelings. Come teen years, talk about feelings in relation to sex.

Sex During Pregnancy: Is It Safe For Both Mom And Baby?

In a low-risk pregnancy, sex during pregnancy is safe. It doesn't induce labor or miscarriage or hurt the baby. Just find the time, position, and type of activity, barring anal sex, that suits you best. But if you have a prematurely dilated cervix, a low-lying placenta, heavy bleeding while pregnant, and a history of miscarriages or premature births, avoid sex as much as you can.

10 Interesting Facts About Sex: How Many Did You Know?

Did you know the best time for sex is after workout? This is due to the increased flow of blood to the genitals. Another interesting fact about sex is that the clitoris is more sensitive than the penis. While you may know that the nipples become erect during sexual arousal, did you know that the nose swells up too? And apparently, women become more prone to adultery during their ovulation.

5 Ovulation Myths You Need To Know

Ovulation can be confusing and complicated. There are so many things to keep track of! But it’s important to know the details, whether or not you want to get pregnant. You might also be wondering if the rumors you’ve heard are true. Here is the truth of 5 popular ovulation myths. 1.[.....]

Can Cinnamon Help Your Sexual Health?

If diabetes, high BP, heart issues, or fatigue are behind your low libido, erectile dysfunction, or impotence, try cinnamon. It can cure problems of arousal and orgasm in your partner too. Chemicals in cinnamon help burn extra sugar into energy, dilate blood vessels to lower blood pressure, and raise the progesterone levels in women to up the libido. Even the heady aroma of this oriental spice might just turn the heat on in your bedroom.

How To Improve Sexual Health Naturally

Exercise regularly to shed off the extra pounds and boost your stamina. Feast on libido-boosting foods like pomegranates, wild oats, coconut and olive oil. Slash salty, processed, soy foods from your diet and cut back on caffeine. Try acupuncture or herbal remedies like ashwagandha and gingko biloba to beat stress-linked sexual problems.

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Is Sex During Menstruation Harmful? The Scientific View

Sex during menstruation may be taboo but it's not harmful. Period sex may even reduce cramps and improve mood. But as there's a high risk of transmission of STIs and blood-borne diseases like hepatitis or HIV during this time, take adequate protection. You should also take protection (or not) if you have a short menstrual cycle of 21–24 days as you could get pregnant on your period.

How To Get Pregnant Faster: A Detailed 7-Step Plan

Have sex for 5 days leading up to ovulation day, which you can track with an ovulation calendar and signs like raw egg white-like mucus. Pose does not matter, but try the much vouched-for doggy pose. Smoking and boozing both harm conception and sperm quality as do antidepressants and many over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs. Eat veggies for slow carbs and proteins, plant irons, and oily fish. Stay active.

Are Some Foods Killing Your Sex Drive?

Food doesn’t just amp up your libido, it could just as easily kill it too. Did you know that all those processed foods and snacks you pop into your mouth, that extra serving of bread, or even the bottled water you buy could be responsible for dampening that sex drive? Here’s a quick guide to the foods you may want to distance yourself from if you’re hoping to warm things up in the sack.

5 Ways Running Can Help You Have Better Sex

Running even 30 mins prior to sex boosts testosterone and libido and enables faster and intense orgasms in both men and women. While it betters sexual function in men and even cures erectile dysfunction with a healthy blood flow, it makes women more sensitive to touch. Running also gives you a good body that fuels your self-confidence and desirability. Just don't go overboard and tire yourself out.

How Does Diabetes Affect Your Sex Life?

Diabetics suffer from urological problems such as urinary tract and bladder infections that make intercourse painful. Also insulin resistance causes hormone imbalance, impacting one's libido. Women with diabetes experience vaginal dryness, yeast infections, and fluctuating hormone levels. Diabetic neuropathy causes erectile dysfunction and retrograde ejaculation in diabetic men.

How Many MRIs, X-Rays, And CT Scans Are Safe In A Lifetime?

MRI scans are safe as no radiations are used. X-rays and CT scans pass ionizing radiations through the body. The impact of radiations depends on their dose and frequency, a patient’s age and sex, and type of scan. Radiations used in regular scans are 100 times weaker than harmful levels. Also, the body can repair damages in less than a year. Know the side effects of radiation and minimize exposure.

10 Must-Do Things To Maintain Male Sexual Health

We ask a lot of the penis but rarely spend time caring for its well-being. Maintain a healthy weight by eating wholesome, natural foods and sleeping enough. Reduce stress to lower cortisol and adrenaline levels, which hinder erections. Practice pelvic floor exercises like kegels to help with erectile dysfunction. Avoid tobacco and alcohol, both of which affect your blood flow. Have a healthy relationship with your partner and opt for an active sex life.

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