Sea Salt

Health Benefits Of Sea Salt: 10 Reasons It's Worth Its Salt

Sea salt can help cleanse your body from the inside and out. Anti-inflammatory and mineral-rich when minimally processed, it can help resolve a few skin conditions. Balneotherapy with sea salt can ease rheumatoid arthritis pain and swelling. Nasal irrigation with sea salt keeps allergies and infection-causing bacteria and viruses at bay. With regard to your diet, sea salt can give you the saltiness you crave with a smaller quantity than regular salt.

15 Harmful Side Effects Of Table Salt To Worry About

Salt is considered to be one of the most ancient items used and prized by civilizations since time immemorial for religious, culinary and preservative activities. Is Table salt Or Cooking Salt The Same As Sea Salt? Well, the validity period of the answer being “yes” ended in the early years[.....]