7 Ways To Keep Your Mind And Body Calm

With the current lifestyle, it is necessary to beat stress and keep our mind and body relaxed to feel motivated and happy. Practicing yoga and breathing exercises calms the body and mind. Listening to your favorite music and keeping a diary are simple ways that help relax your mind. Taking different kinds of body baths – neutral baths, warm water baths, and cold spinal baths – and going for a massage help relax your body.

5 Health Benefits Of Silence For Your Mind And Body

Just 2 hours of silence boosts the production of brain cells. This strengthens the hippocampus and improves your short- and long-term memory while lowering the risk for dementia. Even 2 minutes of silence can lower your heart rate and blood pressure. And 2 minutes of silence has more stress-lowering effect than soothing music. Silence through meditation can even help insomniacs relax and sleep better.

How To Treat Telogen Efflivium Naturally

Telogen effluvium (TE) is the second most common type of hair loss. It is caused due to various reasons like hormonal changes, dietary deficiency, certain medications, stress, and underlying health conditions. The conditions could be thyroid disorder, allergy due to dyes, and alopecia areata (patterned baldness). The first step in[.....]