6 Telltale Signs Of Pregnancy At 4 Weeks

At 4 weeks of pregnancy, your baby is just about 1.98 millimeters. At this stage, a home pregnancy test may or may not show positive depending on the level of hCG hormone in your blood. Many symptoms at this stage are similar to those of an oncoming period, like breast tenderness and cramps, and might include lower-back aches and headaches.

What Is An Episiotomy? 9 Must-Know Facts About Episiotomy

Not all mothers need an episiotomy, a surgical incision that widens the vaginal opening. It is only necessary if the baby is large, in an abnormal position, or is not handling the last minutes of labor well. While the recovery may take upto a month, having warm sitz baths and keeping the area clean, dry can help ensure safe episiotomy aftercare and healing.

Can You Eat Mussels While Pregnant?

Rich in omega 3's, iron, and vitamin B12, mussels is a nutrient-dense choice to be included in your pregnancy diet. However, to ensure safe consumption, be sure to cook them thoroughly (until the shell pops!). Also, discard any mussels that don't open on their own during cooking as they might harbor bacteria, viruses that can make you ill.

Types Of Episiotomy (Surgical Cut During Delivery) And Recovery

Mediolateral episiotomy is an inch-long diagonal cut from the vulva toward the hipbone, while midline episiotomy is a straight cut from the vulva toward the anus. While blood loss, pain, and scarring are less in midline episiotomy, there's a higher risk of cuts in the anal muscles. Post-delivery, keep the area between the vagina and the anus clean and avoid foods that cause constipation. When in pain, apply cold packs on the region or take prescribed pain medicines.

Early Signs Of Pregnancy After IVF Embryo Transfer

If you are using IVF to get pregnant you have to spend a stressful two weeks waiting after the embryo is transferred, before taking a pregnancy test. A missed period, spotting, morning sickness, tiredness, swollen and tender breasts are some physical signs that may indicate pregnancy, but are not a surefire proof to predict fertility success.

Is Naproxen Sodium Safe During Pregnancy?

A popular over-the-counter painkiller, naproxen sodium is often used to help treat dental pain, fever, headache or general muscle aches. Potentially, using naproxen in pregnancy is a strict no-no due to its adverse maternal and fetal effects. Risks for the mother include a prolonged pregnancy and labor, while for the baby it could mean fatal or lifelong consequences such as heart defects.

5 Ovulation Myths You Need To Know

Ovulation can be confusing and complicated. There are so many things to keep track of! But it’s important to know the details, whether or not you want to get pregnant. You might also be wondering if the rumors you’ve heard are true. Here is the truth of 5 popular ovulation myths. 1.[.....]

Can Pregnant Women Eat Scallops? Is It Safe?

Unlike many other seafood, scallops are low in mercury and fat, besides being rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. This makes them not just safe for pregnant women but also a nutritious component of a balanced diet. However, restrict intake to 2–3 servings (each up to 4 oz) a week. Buy fresh or frozen scallops (not refrigerated) that have a moist, firm, and pearly white flesh; clean them well; and cook them thoroughly. Avoid scallops if you're allergic to other shellfish.

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13 Reasons Why You Have Cramps But No Period

Having abdominal and pelvic cramps but no period to follow can be a cause for concern. While harmless triggers like monthly ovulation and implantation of a fertilized egg can cause cramps, more serious implications are endometriosis, appendicitis, ovarian cysts and tumors, and digestive disorders like IBS and IBD. If you are pregnant, do not ignore one-sided cramps that accompany regular spotting.

Why Does Your Baby Move At Night In The Womb?

Every baby is unique! Some babies literally sleep all day and move at night when you are asleep, whereas others seem to be moving all the time. But, it is also possible that you just notice your baby’s movements more at night as it is easier to feel the baby move when you are relaxed and lying down than when you are walking, standing, or occupied with other things.

Microcephaly (Small Brain): Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Microcephaly is a congenital condition in which an infant's head is significantly smaller than peers of same age and sex. It can be brought on by infection with zika or rubella virus, exposure to toxic chemicals, and even malnutrition during pregnancy. Supportive therapies like occupational, speech therapy can help an affected child cope better and improve her quality of life.

What To Do During Pregnancy To Have An Intelligent Baby

Your stress levels and temperament, your eating habits, your lifestyle shapes that little life in your womb. Here are some simple tips that will help you stay healthy and deliver a healthy baby. Do some light exercises every day, get some sunshine in the morning, massage your baby bump with almond oil, listen to soothing music, and try communicating with your baby by reading, singing, and chatting.

Bronchitis While Pregnant? 6 Natural Remedies To Treat It

Make sure to drink plenty of fluids (think warm honey-lemon water, turmeric milk, or ginger tea!) to help thin out mucus and clear chest congestion. Equally beneficial can be all natural remedies like gargling with salt water, consuming probiotics, steam inhalation. Turn the humidifier on at night and sleep with it running to ensure a sound sleep and a good night's rest.

Crawfish During Pregnancy: Yay Or Nay?

Eating any shellfish including crawfish during pregnancy is a debated subject. Experts believe that, if had in moderation, shellfish are in fact beneficial to the health of the mother and the growth of the fetus. Overindulgence can result in risky childbirth, low birth weight of the child and adverse neuropsychological and behavioral effects in the child from mercury poisoning. Cooking takes care of the bacterial contamination in shellfish but not the toxins. While it is beneficial to consume shellfish during pregnancy, stay away from it if you are unsure about the source.

Why Are Emergency Contraceptives Bad For You

Emergency contraception is a type of birth control used by women after an unprotected sex. It is also used when usual birth control methods fail, like rupturing of condoms and missing out on regular contraceptive pills. They are also called “morning-after pills”. They primarily work by either delaying ovulation or[.....]

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