Is It Safe To Eat Watermelon During Pregnancy?

There are certain myths around watermelon that prevent women from enjoying the fruit. It is said that it causes diarrhea, flushes out vital nutrients from the body, and leads to excess weight gain. In fact, it is a nutritious fruit with plenty of health benefits. It keeps you hydrated, prevents pre-eclampsia, reduces swelling, and treats heat rashes. The fruit is harmless to pregnant women as long as it is had in moderation.

Breakthrough Bleeding: Causes And Ways To Deal With It

Unexpected spotting or bleeding between periods can be worrying besides being most annoying. It is important to pin down the problem quickly – especially if you’re pregnant or you’re at risk of problems like sexually transmitted infections, PCOS, or even cancer. You may also just experience spotting due to an intrauterine device, birth control pills, or an implantation of a pregnancy. But it is better to put your mind at rest and get treated if it is something more serious.

9 Possible Causes Of Breakthrough Bleeding During Pregnancy

About 25 percent of all women experience some bleeding while pregnant, many quite early on for perfectly harmless reasons like implantation bleeding. But as your pregnancy progresses, vaginal bleeding becomes a sign of some underlying problems that need urgent medical care. Left untended, things like an ectopic pregnancy or placental abruptions can put your life and the baby’s at risk. The reasons for breakthrough bleeding may be numerous, but there is no such thing as being too careful.

Is It Safe To Use Essential Oils During Pregnancy?

Essential oils may seem like the most natural way to ease the exhaustion or nausea associated with pregnancy. But it's important to know that certain oils could increase your risk of miscarriage, and when taken in large doses, they could potentially be harmful to the fetus. The key to using essential oils safely is to first consult a trained practitioner. You should also keep your dosage levels low and steer clear of oils like clary sage, basil, and cinnamon, all which could cause potential harm to your pregnancy.

13 Science-Backed Health Benefits Of Peanuts For The Body And Mind

Peanuts can keep you full thanks to their unsaturated fats, proteins, and fiber. You’ll be less likely to binge eat, making it easier to lose weight. The unsaturated fats also improve cholesterol levels and blood pressure, so you’ll have a lower risk of heart disease. If you’re dealing with skin problems or arthritis, the anti-inflammatory properties of peanuts will help. They also prevent skin cancer by protecting your skin from sun damage.

Prenatal Vitamins And Tips To Get The Most Out Of Them

Prenatal vitamins are essential for the healthy growth of the fetus. Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E need to be supplemented during this stage, so are folic acid, iron, and calcium. While you can get these through synthetically-derived and store-bought supplements, there are natural source of prenatals, too. Good quality natural prenatals can be derived from substances like raspberry leaf, olive oil, milk thistle, ginger and more. Cod liver oil, probiotics and pregnancy teas are also popular sources of prenatals.

4 Placental Disorders During Pregnancy You Should Know About

The placenta is an organ vital to a pregnancy, keeping the baby plied with nutrients and oxygen. And while not routine, placental disorders could occur in some pregnancies. Be prepared to watch for the signs and get timely treatment. It could be a case of a low lying placenta as in placenta previa, a placenta that’s separating away from the uterine wall like in an abruption, or one that’s embedded too deeply as in placenta accreta.

Dehydration During Pregnancy: Signs, Causes, And Ways To Avoid

You need an additional 750 to 1000 ml of water daily (normal requirement equals 2.1 liters ) during pregnancy. Feeling thirsty, dizzy, or tired, getting headaches, having dry lips, mouth, or eyes indicate dehydration. So do dark colored urine, infrequent urination, and overheating of your body. Dehydration during pregnancy can cause low amniotic fluid, premature labor, insufficient breast milk, and false contractions as well as birth defects in your baby.

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Can The Side Effects Of Abortion Be Life-Threatening?

Side effects of abortion can be life-threatening but in extremely rare cases. The common side effects are bleeding, abdominal and pelvic pain, nausea, and vomiting. These subside within days, while the bleeding can carry on for 4 weeks. Beware signs like excessive bleeding, severe cramps, fever above 100.4 F, and smelly vaginal discharge, which indicate complications like infection, incomplete abortion, or damage to the uterus or cervix. If not treated on time, these can become fatal.

Sex During Pregnancy: Is It Safe For Both Mom And Baby?

In a low-risk pregnancy, sex during pregnancy is safe. It doesn't induce labor or miscarriage or hurt the baby. Just find the time, position, and type of activity, barring anal sex, that suits you best. But if you have a prematurely dilated cervix, a low-lying placenta, heavy bleeding while pregnant, and a history of miscarriages or premature births, avoid sex as much as you can.

Forgetfulness During Pregnancy: Causes And Measures To Tackle It

A majority of pregnant women report loss of memory both before and after delivery. However, research about forgetfulness during pregnancy is unclear and often conflicting. Prioritizing right, staying organized, and (importantly!) cutting yourself some slack while you face this major life event will all help. So will meditation, the right food, and getting enough sleep.

How To Quit Smoking When You Are Pregnant

Smoking can affect your health in too many ways, especially so during pregnancy. From infertility and miscarriage to health problems in the baby. Such health issues from nicotine exposure can last a lifetime in the baby and even affect the second-generation offspring. Before it's too late, here are a few steps you can take to quit smoking and keep yourself and your baby healthy.

9 Effects Of Smoking While Pregnant That Will Make You Quit

Smoking while pregnant can have a detrimental effect on the pregnancy and the newborn. To begin with, smoking (even passive smoking!) can come in the way of conception. In newborns, maternal smoking can result in birth defects, low birth weight, asthma, problems with the renal system. It may even result in the sudden death of the infants, also called cot death.

How To Relieve Constipation During Pregnancy

In early pregnancy, constipation could be due to elevated levels of hCG hormones while in late pregnancy, it is progesterone. Other causes of pregnancy constipation include the growing baby pressing against the bowels, reduced physical activity, anxiety, iron supplementation and poor fluid intake. Adding more fiber to your diet and drinking plenty of water often help. You could also try bulk-forming agents, laxatives or probiotics to ease your bowels. Re-evaluating your prenatals is important, so is some daily exercise.

The Third Week Of Pregnancy: What Happens And Dos And Don'ts

At pregnancy week 3 (i.e. about 1 week after conception), implantation occurs. Ayurveda strongly recommends to adopt a healthy diet including milk and its products, honey, ghee, rice and at the same time avoiding pungent, hot, heavy foods to ward off nausea. Keeping an erratic sleep schedule, and psychological dispositions like anger, grief, fear are also best avoided.

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