All About Your First Trimester: Week-By-Week

For most women, the first trimester of pregnancy is the most consuming! Everything is all so new, so exciting, and overwhelming. To satisfy the little voice inside your head that keeps asking questions, here’s a guide. Keep it handy. Week 1 Week 1: You’re actually not pregnant yet—the clock starts ticking from the[.....]

Important Do’s And Don’ts About Sleeping During Pregnancy

Besides all the joy and anticipation, pregnancy can also bring a lot of tension. All mothers-to-be have some questions and concerns. These questions are not only about changes to expect throughout her pregnancy, but also concerns regarding the care of her body to ensure the health of her unborn child. Below are important do’s[.....]

Is Rooibos Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

Rooibos tea doesn’t have any caffeine, so it won’t disrupt your baby’s sleep cycle. It’s also full of aspalathin, a powerful antioxidant that will boost your immunity and keep you healthy. Feeling anxious? Drink rooibos tea for natural stress relief. This beverage will also help the nausea and digestive problems often seen in pregnancy. If you’re at risk for gestational diabetes, aspalathin will keep your blood glucose in check. Always check with your doctor before drinking a new herbal tea.

Is Drinking Ginger Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

In moderation, ginger tea is OK during pregnancy. It doesn’t have any caffeine, so you and your baby can sleep well. This is crucial for the growth and development of the fetus. Ginger tea can also ease nausea, a symptom that affects 50 to 90 percent of expecting mothers. It can even calm down an upset stomach and improve digestion. This way, you can eat for two! There isn’t a maximum safety dose, so check with your doctor before drinking ginger tea.

Is It Safe To Drink Black Tea During Pregnancy?

2–3, 8-oz cups contain about 40–120 mg of caffeine which falls within the recommended dosage. But, overconsumption of the same can increase the chances of miscarriage, fetal deformities, and pre-term delivery. While increased frequency of urination and prolonged insomnia are other side effects, some face an elevated risk of hypertension and anemia.

What Is Amniotic Fluid? Its Composition And Functions

Amniotic fluid is made up of several salts, ions, proteins, and enzymes that help in fetal growth. It acts as a physical barrier against trauma and provides the fetus with an environment that is well-lubricated and nutritious. The fluid levels are judiciously maintained by the maternal and fetal systems. In rare cases, there may be too much or too little fluid. These conditions need to be managed under medical supervision.

Self-Fertility Massages For Conception

Looking forward to bringing a baby into this world? Difficulties in conceiving can be a huge letdown to dampen the experience. If you’re having trouble conceiving, you’re not alone. Most women spend early years of their lives trying very hard to avoid pregnancy. When they finally decide it’s time to[.....]

How Does Pregnancy Affect Your Heart Rate?

During pregnancy the amount of blood pumped by your heart raises by 30 to 50%. Your heart rate also quickens from 70 beats to 80 or 90 beats a minute. This extra work can sometimes cause heart rate irregularities which are not worrisome. In some cases, stress, anxiety, blood sugar fluctuations and some medications can be responsible for palpitations. Your doctor will also want to rule out causes like hyperthyroidism and heart trouble.

7 Causes Of Coccydynia Or Tailbone Pain You Should Know

Do you have a desk job and generally sit for long hours to complete your work? Have you experienced an inexplicable pain in your lower back? Is this pain causing difficulty in sitting or bending? If the answer to all of the above questions is yes, then you probably should[.....]

6 Little Known Side Effects Of Eating Too Many Pineapples

Pineapple is a juicy, refreshing fruit, but consuming it in excess can cause various side effects such as allergies, unwanted drug interactions, diarrhea and vomiting, and an increase in blood sugar levels. It causes uterine contractions which can result in early labor and even miscarriage during pregnancy. You should ensure that you do not cross the recommended daily allowance of 1 to 2 cups a day.

When Do Babies Start Breathing Through Their Mouth

Infants are imperative nose breathers. This means they can breathe only through their nose up to a few months after their birth. Studies have been conducted on the breathing patterns of the infants and if they can breathe through their mouth. The below sections throws light on the same. Can Babies[.....]

The Importance Of Vitamin B During Pregnancy

Vitamin B isn’t just one essential vitamin—the vitamin B family includes 8 essential vitamins and each type has a role to play, adding value to the nutrient pool. You receive most of them from your daily diet, while a few are taken as supplements. Here is how this family can benefit[.....]

Can Bras Cause Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is a complicated disease. It seems like there’s a new cause every day, from deodorants to cosmetics. And then, there’s the myth that wearing a bra causes breast cancer. Rumor has it that underwire bras block the drainage of lymph fluid from under the breast. This means that[.....]

Effects Of Passive Smoking During Pregnancy

Secondhand smoke or passive smoking is the smoke exhaled into the environment by a tobacco smoker, or the smoke that comes from the end of tobacco-containing smoking products. Approximately 4,000 chemicals are present in second hand smoke, many of which may cause cancer. Exposing yourself to secondhand smoke during pregnancy[.....]

Can I Jog While Pregnant?

If you love to jog, your pregnancy is no reason to stop your favorite activity. In fact, OB/GYNs recommend that expectant moms who jogged regularly pre-pregnancy continue to do so for the duration of their pregnancy as long as they are comfortable. Moms who jog during their pregnancy tend to gain less weight, have babies of a healthy weight, and experience shorter labor. It can also help you snap back into shape more quickly, postpartum. Get your doctor's go ahead and jog those pregnancy jitters away.