3 Tips On How To Prevent Tick Bites Naturally

Ticks are the tiny creatures that love to stick around in moist environments. Though tick bites are usually harmless, you can get a rash or a fever with a tick bite. As pets usually bring in the ticks hidden in their long fur, clean them often. Cover yourself head to toe in dark-colored clothes when in a garden or out hiking in the rains. Or slather some coconut oil onto the exposed parts of your skin.

Doggie Duty: 9 Rules Every Dog Owner Should Follow

Keep your dog leashed every time you step out. When you meet other dogs, watch your dog's body language and keep the greeting short. Make your dog uses up some of his energy before entering a doggie park. Once there, ask other owners if it's okay for your dog to greet theirs. Always take responsibility for your pet's misdeeds and always clean up his mess.

Natural, Effective Home Remedies For Your Pet

If you are a pet-parent, who doesn’t just reach out to a vet for every small issue with your fur-ball’s health, and if you believe in natural and more holistic healing for your pet, then you’re at the right place. And by the time you finish reading this, a few[.....]

4 Instances When Your Pets Need Therapy For Behavior Issues

Read your furry friend closely. Are they chewing their paws, barking, snarling, whining, destroying things, lying listlessly, or peeing in the house despite being toilet trained? If not caused by a disease, these behavior issues can be due to their lack of socialization and physical activity, fear, anxiety, or difficulty adjusting to a change in their environment. All of these need therapy.

5 Things To Remember Before You Adopt A Shelter Pet

Before you adopt a pet from a shelter, find out the pet's history and how he/she has fared in behavior tests. You should be more caring, patient, and understanding with a pet that has a history of abuse. Also find out about your prospective pet's food habits and whether they are up to date on the vaccines and medication. And get the paperwork sorted.

Things To Remember Before You Adopt A Rescue Dog

The day you decide to bring home a pet is undoubtedly one of the most memorable days of your life. And if it’s a rescue dog that you are adopting, there are some very important things to keep in mind and be prepared for, before you open your home and[.....]

6 Tips To Prevent Tick-Borne Infections In Your Pets

Ticks on your pet’s skin are more than just an irritant to be removed. Apart from causing an itch that leaves your pet scratching himself all over, these pesky beings can make your pet really sick. Let’s take a closer look at what these pests can do and how to[.....]

10 Things To Remember When Living With A Dying Pet

Anyone who has ever owned and loved a pet knows all too well the extremely painful loss that they know is inevitable. Let’s take a look at a few things that we can do, to make that hardest goodbye a little easier on everyone involved. 1. Stay In The ‘Now’ When[.....]

Oleander Poisoning In Pets Can Be Fatal! Stay Alert

Oleander toxicosis is caused when pets, unknowingly, eat some part of the oleander shrub. Each and every part of this plant is poisonous to animals as they can cause muscle contractions in the heart. The bark, stem, leaves, flowers, fruits, and even water containing some bit of the plant is poisonous to your pets as they contain substances called glycosides, which are harmful to heart health.

Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment For Pets' Allergies

Many of us are unaware of the symptoms of allergies exhibited by our pets. They show different reactions depending on the type of allergy. It’s important that we detect these symptoms very early. Otherwise, they may suffer their entire lives. Typically theses symptoms worsen as they get older. If you[.....]

5 Reasons Why Pets Are A Blessing

Pets can be one of the biggest joy of your life. They bring lots of love and playfulness in your life. A pet can help you live in the moment without worrying about the past, they help you socialize more and give you a sense of security. Pets are also known to improve your health and immunity.

Understanding Fear And Anxiety In Pets And How You Can Manage It

There are quite a few causes of pet anxiety and fear such as separation anxiety, noise phobia, etc. Try to not resort to methods of discipline and avoid showering your pets with too much attention either. The best thing you can do is distract them with a fun game or engage them with tricks. Seek your vet's help immediately, especially if your pet suffers from anxiety fits on a daily basis. In such cases, your vet will recommend behavior modification programs, and if necessary, there may even be medication involved.

Dietary Indiscretion Can Cause Diarrhea In Dogs And Cats

Occasional bouts of diarrhea are common among pet dogs and cats. Diarrhea occurs in pets because of many reasons, but the most common cause is dietary indiscretion. Among the various ailments that can occur in pets, diarrhea is quite common. And when that happens, your pet requires immediate treatment including medical care. Hence, pet owners must be aware of what to expect when their pets have diarrhea and how to manage it.

Dry Or Wet Pet Foods: Which One Should You Choose?

Dry pet foods are easy for your pets to eat, easy to store, and less expensive; however, they do not provide much moisture and are deficient in proteins. On the other hand, wet pet foods are hydrating and good for older pets and pets with dental problems but are hard for pets to eat and expensive. Make a choice between the two based on what best suits your pet’s requirements and your lifestyle.

The Importance Of Protein In Your Pets' Diet

There are very few pet food ingredients are more important than protein, but is also one of the more difficult ingredients to evaluate on a pet food label. The amount of protein your pets need depends on a number of factors, including the quality and the level of digestibility of the protein. Most pet owners stick to a reputed pet food brand and the average pets usually do just fine. If, however, you have a pet with special protein requirements or want to be sure that the pet food you’re buying is worth your money, then it’s essential that you learn to interpret pet food labels.