10 Health Benefits Of Pippali Or Long Pepper: Turn Up the Heat!

Long pepper or pippali has health benefits you wouldn’t expect. From boosting a sluggish metabolism, aiding digestion, and lowering lipid levels in the body to treating respiratory problems, soothing fevers, and even helping with tuberculosis treatment, long pepper is a spice you should look at for more than just its heat!

White Pepper Vs Black Pepper: What's The Difference?

Black pepper is the berry of the pepper plant, and white pepper is the seed. After they are sun-dried, black pepper retains its signature heat, but white pepper becomes milder. Black pepper also lasts longer than white pepper; but it's best to buy whole peppercorns rather than ready powders. Use black pepper in dishes that need a flavor boost. Use white pepper for lighter, earthier soups to add a mild heat.

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