5 Natural Ways To Stop Excess Vaginal Discharge

Leucorrhea, or vaginal discharge, may or may not be normal. If the amount or color changes, visit the doctor ASAP. Foul odor and itching are tell-tale signs of an infection. You can also try herbal remedies to reduce discharge. Traditional medicine has used spices like sumac, anise, and sorrel to treat leucorrhea. Additional natural remedies include amla berry, one of the top ayurvedic treatments, and olive. Even when using these treatments, be sure to get a potential infection checked out.

8 Health Benefits Of Olive Oil Leaf Extract And Its Usage

Extra virgin olive oil, the essential oil, or the tasty olives – all of these are increasingly becoming a common part of our daily diet and lifestyle. But what about the leaves? Olive leaves have been used in traditional medicines to treat multiple conditions and, in general, for good health as[.....]

Discover The Amazing Benefits Of Eating Olives

If you are wondering why the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world, it is mainly because of olives and olive oil which are loaded with antioxidants. While black kalamata olives from Greece is by far the best variety, thanks to the phenolic compound hydroxytyrosol in it, Spanish green olives are equally good for health. Regular consumption of olives can keep cancer and diabetes at bay. It can also make your heart healthier and skin younger.

The Different Types Of Olive Oil Used For Cooking

Olive oil has been hailed as one of most healthy oils by nutritionists and health experts in the United States and across the world. Also known as the queen of oils, olive oil has a strong taste and heady aroma which makes it the perfect oil for cooking, making salads,[.....]