Are Olives Fattening? 7 Factors To Weigh In

Olives are a delicious Mediterranean food but if you’re concerned they’re fattening, worry no more! Eaten in moderation, they’re a great low-calorie, low-GI food that is rich in antioxidants and heart-healthy oleic acid. They could even help your weight-loss or cholesterol-lowering efforts!

5 Natural Ways To Stop Excess Vaginal Discharge

Leucorrhea, or vaginal discharge, may or may not be normal. If the amount or color changes, visit the doctor ASAP. Foul odor and itching are tell-tale signs of an infection. You can also try herbal remedies to reduce discharge. Traditional medicine has used spices like sumac, anise, and sorrel to treat leucorrhea. Additional natural remedies include amla berry, one of the top ayurvedic treatments, and olive. Even when using these treatments, be sure to get a potential infection checked out.

8 Health Benefits Of Olive Leaf Extract And How To Use It

Olive leaves reduce inflammation, thanks to a high antioxidant content. Studies using olive leaf extracts have found that they protect the heart by lowering high blood pressure and preventing the formation of plaques in arteries, lower glucose levels and increase insulin sensitivity, improve symptoms of arthritis, and may even prevent and treat Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. The extract can be taken in a dose of 500–1000 mg daily.

11 Health Benefits Of Eating Olives, The Mediterranean Wonder

Olives are loaded with antioxidants and healthy monounsaturated fats. They can protect the heart, manage diabetes, and prevent osteoporosis. Olive polyphenols may also protect against dementia and cancer. But don't overdose on table olives, since they contain too much sodium. Choose naturally ripe varieties when you can.

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