Health Benefits Of Nutmeg: 10 Reasons To Spice It Up!

Nutmeg is great for your heart as it lowers cholesterol and reduces plaque in arteries. It is commonly used to combat gastrointestinal infections and flatulence. This spice improves insulin sensitivity, prevents cavities, and boosts memory and learning capacity. It can also help with depression, work as a sleep aid and aphrodisiac, and fight inflammation. A nutmeg oil massage can relieve aching muscles and joints.

Nutmeg the Feel Good Wonder Spice. 16 Reasons Why.

Nutmeg promote brain health and regulate gastrointestinal tract. Nutmeg’s essential oil is used to treat inflammation, abdominal pain, aching joints, muscle pain, arthritis, and sores. It also strengthen immune system, treat dental issues, and prevent cancers. Nutmeg's paste can soothe skin problem like eczema and can be also used as a scrub to remove blackheads.

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