9 Effective Home Remedies For Neck Pain Relief

To relieve neck pain without drugs try simple exercises like neck tilts and stretches. Yoga asanas like the mountain pose, shoulder shrugs, cobra pose, and child’s pose also help. To relieve inflammation or stiffness try a hot or cold compress. A change of pillow or mattress can ease the pain as well. Maintaining the right posture is just as important to prevent future episodes and stop the pain from getting worse.

Symptoms Of Balance Disorder You Shouldn’t Ignore

If you’re feeling off-kilter or dizzy when you stand up or walk around, it could be due to a balance disorder. The loss of balance and ear imbalance may also be accompanied by other symptoms. Watch for blurred vision, motion sickness, hearing loss or impairment, or dizziness triggered by sounds. Even confusion, anxiety, disorientation, trouble with concentration, memory lapses and nausea could be the result of a balance problem.

Tips To Improve Breathing Underwater While Swimming

If you find yourself out of breath when you swim or unable to get to the next level with your swimming, your breathing technique could be out of whack. Practice with some yogic breathing on dry land, perfect your technique with a drill while standing in waist-deep water, and learn bilateral breathing. Whether you’re doing the breaststroke, freestyle, or butterfly stroke, the right way can improve your efficiency and reduce oxygen demand for breathing so it can be used to power your swimming.

Locked-In Syndrome: Causes, Signs, And Treatment

Locked-in syndrome is characterized by being conscious without the ability to make much movement. Such patients go into a coma for some time and remain paralyzed and voiceless even after they come out of the coma. The syndrome is believed to be caused by damage to a certain part of the brain stem, often from tissue loss due to lack of blood flow from events like a stroke, an infarct, or blood clots. While the diagnosis often takes time and there is no definite cure, with technological advancement, the syndrome is manageable.

Understanding The Causes Of Tourette Syndrome And Its Treatment

Tourette syndrome is a neurological condition involving repetitive, involuntary movements and/or sounds, such as repeatedly jerking your head, blinking the eyes, grunting, or even blurting out offensive words. While genetics, childhood infection by streptococcal bacteria could be the possible triggers, speech or behavioral therapy may help manage the condition better.

Why Does My Baby Hiccup In The Womb?

Usually noticeable in your second or third trimester, fetal hiccups are a normal reflex preparing the fetus's lungs for a healthy respiratory function after birth. In addition, it could also be a sign of the development of suckling and gasping patterns. However, seek medical care if bouts of hiccups occur daily after 28 weeks of pregnancy, greater than 4 times per day.

Could Fidgeting Actually Be Good for You?

You may have been told that fidgeting shows deception or inattention, but know that fidgeting for 2.5 hours could help you lose 200 cal/day. Every time you get up to shake your legs, you add years to your life by lowering the risk for diabetes and heart diseases. A fidgety leg also makes blood flow smoothly and prevents blood clots. And odd though it sounds, it can even promote alertness in kids with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Wiggle Exercises To Keep Your Toes Healthy

Your feet and toes endure the stress of the body by bearing all of the impact from walking, running, or stairs climbing. De-stress them by elevating them, regularly stretching and wiggling them, and letting them free by going barefoot. Spreading your toes and bringing them down individually from baby toe to big toe will help alleviate the pressure.

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Symptoms Of Ataxia: Understanding The Signs Of The Condition And How They Can Be Treated

Ataxia refers to a lack of order or coordination. In the body, this means an inability to fully control muscle movement. Those affected by ataxia are unable to balance their bodies and have problems with coordination, gait, and actions like sitting, standing, and walking. Ataxia can affect people of all ages and can be traced to several causes, ranging from autoimmune disorders and hereditary gene mutations to even a head injury. Used independently or together, holistic treatments involving Ayurveda, physiotherapy, and even game-playing can help treat the symptoms of ataxia.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Myofascial Release?

Myofascial release is a safe and effective massage technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure to the trigger points to alleviate pain and restore movement and function within the joints and soft tissue. This therapy can be effective for a wide range of ailments including congenital vertebral abnormalities, fatigue, menstrual and pelvic pain, sports injuries.

Blood Type Diet And Exercises For Healthy Joints And Mobility

Minimize joint inflammation to enable free movement of bones. Keep off foods containing harmful lectins (specific to blood types): wheat, corn, and white potatoes for type O; red meat, cow’s milk, and kidney beans for type A; chicken, peanuts, and buckwheat for type B; chicken, bell peppers, sesame oils and seeds for type AB. Aerobics and strength training build lean muscle while reducing joint swelling.

7 Ankle Mobility Exercises For Dorsiflexion: Video Tutorials

Untangle your nerves and warm up your hamstrings with active stretches. Develop flexibility of ankle muscles with static, passive, and isometric calf stretches. Perform eccentric heel drops and seated ankle dorsiflexion to upgrade the range and strength of your ankle joints. Do foot wave dissociations to flex your toes. Surpass your limits with banded and pistol squat ankle mobility stretches.