Amla Benefits - Ayurveda Herb for Healing And Natural Well-being

Aamla or Indian Gooseberry is found extensively in India. Ayurveda mention that special properties of rejuvenation and revitalizing of the entire body systems lie in amla. It contains vitamin C, calcium, and iron. Therefore, it can reduce body heat, digestive disorders, and do away with fatigue. Fresh juice of amla is given for diabetes and urinary incontinence. It can also prevent immature graying of hair.

6 Health Benefits Of Sex Or Sexual Healing You Can't Ignore

Sex is a great form of exercise as you burn 7500 calories if you have sex for 15 minutes thrice a week and it makes you look younger. During sex, the body produces endorphins which act as painkillers, it aids in prostate protection, helps prevent erectile dysfunction and is a very effective stress reliever. The body produces dopamine, a substance that counters stress.

Acupressure: Relieving Stress Through Pressure Points

Our Aversion To “Alternative” Healing The mere mention of “alternative” medicine seems so alien and obscure that we tend to shun away anything and everything that mentions it.  Now, I am not here to point out to the basic human fallacies of ignorance and intolerance for new or curious concepts,[.....]

4 Ayurvedic Brain Tonics To Enhance Your Brain Powers Naturally

One teaspoon of sankhapushpi can help calm and rejuvenate the mind and treat anxiety, insomnia, and lethargy. Pound the leaves of brahmi and have about 20 ml extract a day to improve your intellect and reduces stress. Jatamansi improves the nervous system and cures hypertension and depression. Powder shatavari and mix it with milk to fight mental stress and fatigue.

Best Natural Treatments For Peptic Ulcers

A peptic ulcer can cause pain, discomfort and make eating something dreaded rather than something enjoyed. Learn the signs and symptoms of a peptic ulcer and what you can do to treat it naturally. What Is A Peptic Ulcer? A peptic ulcer is an erosion in the lining of the[.....]

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