Gray Hair

What Causes Gray Hair And How To Prevent It?

Whether it is a nutritional deficiency or oxidative stress from free radical damage, that is causing your hair to go gray prematurely, there are ways to prevent this. Getting adequate levels of vitamins A, B12, C, D, and E as well minerals like copper and iron may help. So can protecting your hair from radiation and sun damage, quitting smoking, and getting herbal remedies like ashwagandha for hormonal disorders.

6 Key Benefits Of Rice Bran Oil For Hair And Skin

Using natural products for your skin and hair care can have numerous benefits. They are skin-friendly, have multiple primary and secondary benefits, and are eco-friendly. When it comes to skincare, natural oils can do wonders for your skin and every natural oil has its own unique set of properties. Rice[.....]

10 Common Grey Hair Myths You Believe

1. Hair Can Turn Gray Overnight Apart from stress, other factors like sudden panic, a bad experience of fright is said to cause a gray or white hair- turning this essentially into an overnight occurrence. But this is very untrue. Your hair will not turn gray or white overnight, the[.....]

Home Remedies To Reverse Gray Hair To Natural Colour

Amaranth leaf juice; Sage tea; Black tea with sea salt; Buttermilk and curry leaf juice; Sesame oil and carrot juice; Coconut and Thistle oil; Onion juice; Gooseberry and mango seed; Coconut oil and curry leaves, Black currant juice, almond oil and lime juice; Amla, yogurt and lemon juice can be applied on scalp to reverse gray hair to its natural colour.

How Can You Reverse Gray Hair To Its Natural Color?

Graying hair is a natural process and it happens gradually. Sometimes graying can happen prematurely due to one's lifestyle, food habits, stress or a sudden illness etc. It may also be genetic. Consume vitamin c and b rich food, sprouted seeds, orange, and pineapple; apply henna, aloe vera gel, coconut oil, and black tea to reverse graying hair.