6 Great Foods That Can Help Prevent Gallstones

Wondering how to naturally prevent gallstones from forming? Consume a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables as well as foods abundant in fiber, iron, and healthy fat. Add turmeric to your food every now and then and consume moderate amounts of caffeine. Besides incorporating the right foods into your diet, remember to avoid skipping meals, crash diets, and excess sugar.

13 Science-Backed Health Benefits Of Peanuts For The Body And Mind

Peanuts can keep you full thanks to their unsaturated fats, proteins, and fiber. You’ll be less likely to binge eat, making it easier to lose weight. The unsaturated fats also improve cholesterol levels and blood pressure, so you’ll have a lower risk of heart disease. If you’re dealing with skin problems or arthritis, the anti-inflammatory properties of peanuts will help. They also prevent skin cancer by protecting your skin from sun damage.

8 Acupressure Points To Get Rid Of Headaches

To relieve tension headaches, try acupressure on the UB10 points at the nape of your neck. For migraines, press the GB20 at the back of the skull where the neck muscles join the skull. For sinus headaches, press the BL2 pressure points at the end of the eyebrows above the bridge of the nose. For neck pain, press the LI4 point at the groove behind your knuckles, between your ring finger and little finger.

7 Foods Good For Your Gallbladder

Your gallbladder works quietly helping the body digest fat, but when it bumps into trouble it may cause you a lot of discomfort and pain. Filling up on foods like whole grains, leafy greens, sea veggies, oats, lentils, beans, nuts, flaxseeds, turmeric, and swapping regular cooking oils for olive oil can help lower your risk of developing gallbladder problems in the first place.

Avoid These Foods For A Healthy Gallbladder

Gallbladder problems often go unnoticed with no symptoms cropping up. Yet this is a fairly common problem, and when symptoms do strike they can be most uncomfortable and painful. Some simple switches to eliminate foods you are allergic to, as well cutting back on alcohol, red meat, processed, fried, and sugary foods can help you take care of your gallbladder.

Why Is My Poop White In Color?

While an obstruction anywhere in the biliary system can lead to jaundice which makes the stool pale, any disorder in the liver, pancreas or gallbladder can also make your poop become white or pale yellow in color. Other underlying health conditions could be cancer of the liver or pancreas, yellow fever, or congenital abnormalities like G6PD deficiency or Gilbert's syndrome.

Does Sweet Potato Have Any Side Effects?

Sweet potatoes are high in oxalates that can cause calcium-oxalate kidney stones. They contain mannitol, a type of sugar that can cause stomach pain, bloating, and diarrhea in sensitive people. They are a preferred food for diabetics due to their low glycemic index but baking and other preparations can spike this index to damaging levels. Boiled potatoes are an healthier option.

How To Get Rid Of Gallstones Naturally?

To remove gallstones naturally, include a lot of high-fiber vegetables in your diet. Also, eat soy products, bell peppers, and drink apple juice or coffee. These foods reduce cholesterol buildup in the gallstones and allow them to easily pass out of your system. You could also opt for Yoga poses like the bow pose or the snake poses to obtain relief from the pain arising due to gallstone complications.

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