14 Surprising Health Benefits Of Bananas

Do you know all that bananas have to offer? These tasty fruits can fight cancer thanks to antioxidants and tumor necrosis factor. Bananas even have dopamine, a neurotransmitter linked to reward and emotion. It’ll instantly boost your mood! Bananas are also high in potassium, making them ideal for improving muscle cramps, high blood pressure, and risk for kidney stones. Additionally, their phytosterols will lower blood cholesterol, while other properties heal ulcers.

9 Signs That Show Your Nutrition Plan Is Working

A good nutrition plan is one of the best ways to successfully reach your weight goals. But, how do you know if the diet is working for you? Since weight gain/loss happens only over a period of time, checking your weight regularly might not tell you much. Instead, look at other factors that indicate your diet is working, such as your mood, sleep quality, energy levels, bowel movements, and more.

What’s Chaga Mushroom And 10 Reasons To Consume It

By drinking a cup of chaga tea every day, you can enjoy the various health benefits it has to offer. Chaga mushrooms boost immunity and fight inflammation to keep diseases at bay. They're also great for the heart as they help manage diabetes and lower cholesterol levels. Additionally, chaga also increases physical endurance and boosts brain function.

5 Tips On How To Build Endurance For Running

Build your lung capacity and calf muscle strength with running uphill or on an inclined treadmill. Switch to walking when you feel tired, then switch back to running. Sprint interval training can increase your glycogen store too. End the training with weightlifting or any other strength training. Eat carbs 60 mins before the run to get energy. And pump up the run with some energizing music.

How Does Running Help You Build Endurance?

Running makes the knee cartilage thicker and bones mineral-dense to help you withstand age-related wear and tear. It also keeps muscles active for longer and reduces fatigue. Running promotes blood cell growth and neurons in cancer patients with radiation injuries. It boosts memory and, by triggering the release of serotonin, which elevates one's mood, it keeps stress from escalating to depression.

6 Benefits of Sprinting: A Faster Route To Health

Sprint interval training burns abdominal fat, hikes insulin sensitivity, and lowers carbs burning and high BP to avert diabetes and heart diseases. It helps build fat-free muscles by enhancing the protein synthesis pathways and hikes muscle stamina and efficiency by boosting oxygen exchange. It can also lift your mood by triggering endorphin release. Despite the benefits, it's best avoided by arthritic and cardiac patients.

5 Ways Running Can Help You Have Better Sex

Running even 30 mins prior to sex boosts testosterone and libido and enables faster and intense orgasms in both men and women. While it betters sexual function in men and even cures erectile dysfunction with a healthy blood flow, it makes women more sensitive to touch. Running also gives you a good body that fuels your self-confidence and desirability. Just don't go overboard and tire yourself out.

9 Essential Foods That Boost Endurance And Stamina

Most people today feel that the cardio training is building up their stamina and endurance, and that alternating these with strength training is the right way to go. But majority end up not reaching the endurance levels that they strive for. However, including foods such as kale, beet, pomegranates, peanut butter in your diet can help.

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Want to Build up Endurance, Boost your Energy and Increase your Speed? 24 more reasons to eat Beetroot.

Tracing the Beets roots: Beetroot, botanically-known as Beta vulgaris, evolved from wild sea beet, the ancestor of the beet with which we are familiar today, and is thought to have originated in prehistoric times in North Africa and grew wild along Asian and European seashores. The beetroot taste is described[.....]

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