7 Non-Biological Markers Of Good Health

A few everyday things can indicate longevity and good health. Social well being is associated with good overall health. Being able to lift moderately heavy things, walk backward, and run a mile indicate longevity. A positive sense of self and emotional health lowers the risk of mortality. Being able to recall words, events, and conversations indicate good health. Alternatively, financial stress, early retirement, and overloading on prescriptions increase the risk of an early death.

4 Reasons Why Diets Are Bad For The Body And Mind

The restrictive nature of diets makes weight loss both unsustainable and unhealthy in the long run. By categorizing foods as "good" and "bad", diets encourage developing an unhealthy relationship with food. Going on and off diets can increasing one's risk of developing heart disease and eating disorders. Furthermore, diets don't address the root cause of emotionally-driven eating habits, thus ultimately making a person revert to his old unhealthy ways.

6 Character Traits To Help You Spot A Sociopath

Sociopaths don't always come across as the most destructive person you have ever known. They are very efficient at understanding the weakness of others and capable of exploiting it for their own good. They are narcissistic and have a huge sense of ego. They are pathological liars and have the ability to manipulate people. It's best to keep them at arm's length if you ever come across one.

What Is Self-Harm And Ways To Stop It

People who self-harm purposefully inflict bodily harm on themselves. Self-harm can include behavior like cutting, burning yourself with cigarettes, punching yourself etc and may be a way of coping with difficult emotions or life circumstances. To stop this behavior, it is important to understand the reasons, identify triggers, and find ways of coping. Cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy can be useful.

Short-Term And Long-Term Effects Of Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is far worse than any other kind of violence as this hurts a person psychologically. The short-term impact of emotional abuse includes surprise, shock, low self-esteem, aggression, fear, and guilt. The long-term impact, which is much more severe, includes depression, intense aggression, suicidal tendencies, sleep disorders, trust issues, clingy behavior, underachievement, and substance abuse.

Can Music Therapy Help Children With Emotional Problems?

Music therapy is a clinical intervention by a trained professional that can support the emotional, psychological, cognitive, social, and communicative needs of people. It especially works for children because it’s non-threatening and playful, promotes trust, and doesn’t need verbal skills. In the brain, music can bypass the parts involved in planning and language and go right to the limbic system which is associated with emotions. It is also thought to stimulate the functioning of the right-brain which is involved with feelings, particularly sadness. Music therapy can help children manage difficult emotions, communicate better, and improve behavioral and social problems.

Anahata Chakra/ Heart Chakra: The Love Chakra

Anahata/ Heart chakra embodies the infinite spirit of love. Even though the one who has opened the heart chakra experiences bliss, this will only be fleeting and transient. The lesson of this chakra is to grow above dependency and worldly attachment, to learn that it's time to leave and pursue higher goals once your duties to the material world is complete.

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