Everything You Need To Know About Ejaculation Dysfunction

The word ejaculation (derived from ex, meaning “out” and jaculari, meaning “to throw, shoot, hurl, cast”) is defined as the discharge of semen from the urethra (urinary channel), usually accompanied by orgasm. Although not life-threatening, ejaculation issues are bothersome. It can even lead to quality of life problems that can be relationship-threatening. Most men do[.....]

Prevent Premature Ejaculation With Pelvic Muscles

Do kegel exercises on a regular basis as the stronger the pelvic muscles, the better the chance of controlling your ejaculation. Strengthen your pelvic muscles and bring them under your control. During intercourse, being able to contract your pelvic muscles 10 times will help you reign in the urge to ejaculate sooner than you want.