Bird Dog Exercise Basics And Benefits: Strengthen Your Spine And Core Muscles

The bird dog exercise helps strengthen core muscles and stabilize the spine, particularly the lumbar region that supports most of the body. It also improves posture control, aligns the spine, reduces lower back pain, and strengthens the shoulder muscles. It can be performed by most healthy individuals while several challenging variations can help athletes and active sportspeople.

Doggie Duty: 9 Rules Every Dog Owner Should Follow

Keep your dog leashed every time you step out. When you meet other dogs, watch your dog's body language and keep the greeting short. Make your dog uses up some of his energy before entering a doggie park. Once there, ask other owners if it's okay for your dog to greet theirs. Always take responsibility for your pet's misdeeds and always clean up his mess.

13 Longest-Living Dog Breeds To Welcome Into Your Life

If you want to add some drama into your life with a long-living dog, get a chihuahua. Your entertainment is guaranteed for nearly 20 years. You could also get an even-tempered Yorkshire terrier, who lives just as long. The Maltese, pug, Lhasa Apso, beagle, toy poodle, miniature schnauzer, and dachshund all live for 12–15 years and are playful dogs.

3 Ways On How You Can Help Your Dog And Its Health

Ayurveda, the ancient holistic healing system, can bring about a positive difference in your life and affect your dog's well-being the same way! Besides helping you achieve a balance in your life, adopting an Ayurvedic approach can help your canine companion find the right balance and help create as well as sustain their health and overall wellness.

9 Ways To Keep Your Dog Happy When You’re Away All Day

Keys. Phone. Wallet. You’re all set to leave for work. And that one last look at your pet and your heart is ready to break. Let’s face it. We may want to spend every waking minute with our adorable fur-babies, but it’s just not possible. And pets hate being left[.....]

Things To Remember Before You Adopt A Rescue Dog

The day you decide to bring home a pet is undoubtedly one of the most memorable days of your life. And if it’s a rescue dog that you are adopting, there are some very important things to keep in mind and be prepared for, before you open your home and[.....]

Tips To Pick Up Your Dog The Right Way

Every dog needs to be picked up once in a while. Be it just to load your dog in the van, or because you need to take him to the vet when he’s hurt, every dog owner should know the correct way to pick up their pet. This is even[.....]

How Often Should Your Pet See A Veterinarian?

Anyone who has a pet knows that pets are just like your babies. They need a lot of care, attention and regular visits to the vet. But the question is, how often should you be taking your pet to see the doctor? Well, it depends on what life stage your[.....]

Can Your Pets Stay Healthy On A Vegetarian Diet?

For a vegetarian owner, feeding their pets meat can feel unethical. In a meat-free home, it’s not easy to grow accustomed to cooking meat for your pets. Apart from morality issues, many vegetarian owners find the smell and feel of meat downright disgusting. But because everyone wants the best for[.....]

7 Natural Remedies For Dog Bites

If you have a dog bite, first get it assessed by a doctor. Take anti-tetanus and anti-rabies shots if necessary. To speed up healing, try natural remedies like crushed plantain leaves, neem leaves, cumin seeds, and minced garlic. Neem oil can also be diluted in coconut oil or aloe vera. Some home remedies, like Manuka honey, goldenseal extract, and asafetida powder can be applied directly to the wound.

8 Cleaning Products Deadly For Your Dog

Pets fill our homes with happiness and joy. And whether we like it or not, bring with them, tons of stray hair, dirt and odors. And if it wasn’t for the wide array of cleaning products available to us, our home wouldn’t smell very different from a barn. Wouldn’t you[.....]

Is Watermelon Good For Dogs?

Watermelon is an excellent snack for dogs, especially in summer. Loaded with vitamins like A, B6 and C, watermelon is low in calories and is a refreshing food for your furry friend. However, before giving the fruit to the dog, all the seeds, including the white ones, need to be removed from it. The rind of the watermelon too should be avoided because both rind and seeds are difficult to digest and could cause digestive issues in dogs.

9 Tell-Tail Signs That Your Dog Is In Pain

If your dog isn’t feeling well, it may have a faster heart rate with heavy panting. Your pup might also bite when someone touches a painful area, even it already knows them. Take notice if your dog sits and moves differently, because stiff mobility is a significant symptom. Eating problems from pain or nausea will also cause weight loss and bathroom changes. Sometimes, a hurting dog might have low energy and sleep often. Skin redness also signifies inflammation and irritation.

Animal Aromatherapy 101

Most pet owners I know will do anything to keep their furry loved ones healthy, but are oftentimes unsure which natural products to use and which ones to stay away from. When it comes to animal aromatherapy, using essential oils on your pets and livestock, this is particularly true because[.....]

Benefits Of Dog Therapy For Anxiety, Depression, Autism, And More

Are you a dog lover? If so, you know just how friendly dogs can be. Therapy dogs, in particular, are especially sweet and affectionate. These are dogs that visit nursing homes and hospitals, offering love and affection to mentally or physically ill patients.1 It’s enough to make anyone smile! Even[.....]