Papaya Leaves For Dengue: A Potent Natural Cure

You can use ground or juiced papaya leaves for dengue. Dengue lowers your platelet count below normal and can develop into dengue hemorrhagic fever, a fatal condition. Papaya leaves can raise the platelet count by preventing the destruction of platelets by making the cell membranes strong and by increasing the activity of the genes that help produce platelets. They can also kill the larvae of dengue-spreading mosquitoes. But always ask your doctor first.

Home Remedies To Treat Dengue And Ways To Prevent It

Getting rest and having plenty of fluids are important if you have dengue. Papaya leaf juice, neem leaf juice, Tawa Tawa tea, and tulsi tea can also help reduce the symptoms and fight the impact of the virus. Prevent dengue by avoiding being bitten by mosquitoes. Don’t let stagnant water collect. Use larvicides such as essential oils of sweet basil and sweet flag, mosquito repellents like diluted neem oil, screens on your doors and windows, and bed nets for protection.

17 Proven Health Benefits Of Kiwifruit And Its Smoothies

Kiwifruits lower your BP, balance cholesterol levels, and reduce blood clotting to keep your heart healthy. Their lutein and vit. A improve eye health, while vits C and E avert DNA damage. Actinidin in kiwis help digest complex proteins, while their fiber eases constipation. Packing in 178% of the vit. C you need daily, they boost immunity and prevent cold, flu, and asthma attacks. Kiwis can also strengthen bones, check anemia, and promote sleep.

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