Curry Leaf

10 Proven Health Benefits Of Curry Leaves

The benefits of curry leaves are mostly due to the carbazole alkaloids they carry. Eat curry leaves raw, add them to your meals, or drink an infusion to treat diabetes, dysentery, diarrhea, morning sickness, and nausea. Curry leaves also reduce your body’s fat content, helping you lose weight. Apply curry leaf paste to your skin and scalp to treat wounds, boils, and dandruff.

Benefits Of Curry Leaves For Hair

Chock-full of vital nutrients, curry leaves makes an excellent home remedy to rescue you from a multitude of hair problems. While its blend with fenugreek oils, brahmi, and amla, when applied topically stimulates hair growth, the blanked residue of boiled curry leaves can help prevent premature graying too. You can also mix it with yogurt to help fight dandruff.