Citrus Fruits

How To Stop Snoring Naturally: 5 Effective Ways That Work

Sleeping on your side, losing excess weight, and avoiding alcohol and smoking can help if you are snoring regularly. Anti-snoring devices like nasal strips, chin strips, and mandibular advancement devices can also reduce snoring by allowing you to breathe properly through your nose. Natural remedies such as yogurt, turmeric, and pineapple, as well as saline nasal washes and peppermint steam inhalations, can come in handy if a stuffy nose is making you snore.

Benefits Of Fruit Peels For Your Skin And Home

Instead of tossing fruit peels, reuse them for skin health. Orange and lemon peels can fight acne by killing bacteria and controlling sebum. You can also tone the skin and prevent wrinkles with peels from oranges and mandarin. Dried peels can be turned into an exfoliating powder, while banana and avocado peels will moisturize the skin. At home, citrus peels can infuse vinegar and be made into potpourri. Banana peels are perfect for adding extra nutrition to plant water.

10 Quick Healthy Snacks That Will Boost Your Energy

What's the first thumb-rule when it comes to sticking to a healthy-eating plan? Don't get bored. Learn how to mix-and-match food elements to quickly whip up some delicious healthy snacks that promise to keep your energy levels high and your calorie count low!

List Of High Glycemic Index Fruits And Vegetables

For those of you who wish to keep their blood sugar levels optimal, it is best to avoid foods that are high on the glycemic index (GI). As a general rule, the more ripe, cooked, or processed a fruit, vegetable is, the more likely it is to be higher on the GI. The key offenders include - bananas, pineapple, watermelon, carrots, parsnips, mashed or russet potatoes.

8 Foods That Make An Eczema Itch Disappear

Eczema affects over 30 million Americans to varying degrees. If you’re looking for ways to calm sore skin, soothe symptoms, or prevent a flare up, certain foods can be therapeutic. From sipping on oolong tea, green tea, or even a herbal brew of Centella asiatica; to eating everyday larder ingredients like pineapple and citrus fruit or berries; and even probiotics like fermented foods or yogurt; diet can play a more important role than you’d think.

Acid Reflux? Here Are 10 Foods You Should Avoid

The entrance to your stomach is usually closed by a valve called the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). The LES opens when you eat food and closes immediately after. If your stomach produces too much of acid, the acid can back up through the valve and into your esophagus. You can[.....]

Using Orange Peel For Acne: Know Why And How

If you want to heal your acne flare-up naturally, blend orange peel in a blender, mix with milk, and apply on the acne. Or squeeze the juice from the peel onto the pimple. The peels are rich with antioxidant and antibacterial compounds that can kill acne-causing bacteria and reduce pain and swelling. Nobiletin in orange peel also reduces sebum production.

What Are The Side Effects Of Citric Acid Overdose?

Citric acid, the most widely used food preservative and additive, is generally harmless. However, its frequent or excessive intake weakens the tooth enamel and dentin, making your tooth decay. It also increases aluminum toxicity in the body which may lead to kidney problems, anemia, or nerve damage. Studies have also pointed out that it can increase the risk of free radical damage and cancer.

11 Health Benefits Of Honey Lemon Water

Lemon is a powerhouse of vital nutrients and antioxidants that are essential for restoring health and rejuvenating your body. The benefits of lemon multiply when it is consumed with lukewarm water and honey. So why not start your day by drinking a glass of fresh honey lemon water every day? Note[.....]

The Best Time To Buy And Eat Pineapples

Are you a fan of these prickly fruits? If your heart jumps at the sight of a pineapple, pat yourself on the back. Pineapples are a great source to add nutrients and sweetness into your diet. But did you know there is a right time of the year to buy[.....]

Why Lemon And Baking Soda For Cancer Don't Work Together

Baking soda and lemon have potential in the treatment of the dreaded 'C.' Although further studies are required, get some of this good stuff in your system.

Is Orange Peel As Healthy As The Fruit Inside?

Hold on to that orange peel! It is just as (or maybe even more) precious as the juicy fruit it holds. Its rich flavonoid content can help ward-off inflammation, thus lowering your risk of various degenerative diseases including Alzheimer's, cancer, and heart disease. Orange peels and their oils are great digestive aids and can also be used as teeth whiteners and face masks.

6 Natural Digestive Herbs For Better Digestion

Herbal remedies have been used for many years to help aid in digestion. Herbs not only help improve your digestion but they also limit any adverse digestive effects, such as gas and upset stomach. Here are 6 natural herbs for better digestion: 1. Fennel seeds 2. Chamomile 3. Ginger Root[.....]

5 Morning Detox Tea Recipes For Better Health

Daily morning detox tea is a great way to throw away toxins from your body and ensure overall health. So here are five herbal morning detox tea recipes that you can sip throughout the day!  1. Triphala Tea Benefits Of Triphala Tea Removes toxins from your body Maintains regularity Nourishes and[.....]

Can I Whiten Teeth Naturally At Home?

Oil pulling with coconut oil for 5-10 mins a day can help. Apple cider vinegar can help remove hard stains, after washing with ACV make sure you brush with non fluoride paste, this will reduce acidic levels. Chewing on strawberries can help as studies show that malic acid in strawberries whitens teeth. Simply rubbing lemon or orange peels can also help.