Child Care

Why Is Honey Unsafe For Babies And When Can They Have It?

Avoid feeding honey to babies who are less than a year old. This is because honey is a potential source of a disease-causing bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. When a baby consumes honey, the bacteria is consumed, too. Due to the immature digestive and immune systems, these bacteria grow inside their intestines resulting in a condition called infant botulism.

Real Reason Why Some Newborns Are Very Hairy

Every newborn is different. Some of them have glorious locks of hair on their heads that make them look absolutely adorable. Scientific studies have proven that expectant mothers who suffered from chronic heartburn during pregnancy are more likely to have newborns with hairy heads. In many cases, this is due to the hormonal influence of estrogen on the growing fetus.

All You Need To Know About 20/30 Vision

Having a proper vision is indeed a privilege. Not everyone has 20/20 vision and variations are bound to occur. If you have 20/30 vision it only means that you have stand 20 feet away from an object to view what a person with normal vision can see at 30 feet. Most of the time you don't need glasses or contacts for 20/30 vision. However, if you develop any eye strain or headaches, you need correction immediately.

What Parents Should Do If Their Babies Choke

Choking is a worry for most parents with children. For babies under one year, five forceful back blows and chest thrusts may help the baby cough out the object. For babies over a year old, back blows and abdominal thrusts can help. Take your child to hospital immediately even if you were able to remove the object choking your child.

How Divorce Affects Your Children’s Health And Development

During any separation or divorce, it's not just the adults who are affected, but the kids too. Toddlers and young children who aren't able to fully process the situation may end up throwing tantrums, becoming more irritable and anxious, losing their appetite, or complaining of aches and pains. Older kids and teens might become withdrawn and struggle with school. Even normally well-behaved kids might start to misbehave. If you ignore a child’s cries for help, it could impact their self-esteem, self-sufficiency, and relationships, and even put them at risk for depression and alcohol abuse as adults.

Taking Baby Steps: What You Can Do To Encourage Your Baby To Walk

Babies usually start walking between 8 and 18 months. But the process is a progression from crawling and standing to cruising and walking independently. Hold them in a standing position and help them use furniture for support when they're ready to stand. Placing toys just out of their reach will encourage them to take steps and shuffle along using furniture for support till they eventually start walking on their own.

Important Reasons To Vaccinate Your Child

Immunization helps save anywhere from 2 to 3 million lives a year – and that’s just the potentially fatal cases. Countless others are spared the scourge of vaccine-preventable infections and their sometimes horrific side effects, including disability and impairment. Children who are not vaccinated are more vulnerable to infections and may develop a more virulent form of a disease. The current immunization schedule in the United States can protect your child against no fewer than 14 serious diseases.

Symptoms Of Celiac Disease In Children And Adults

Celiac disease is a serious genetic autoimmune disorder that affects the digestive processes in the small intestine. The symptoms of celiac vary widely and sometimes there are no symptoms at all, making it a challenge to diagnose. Common symptoms in children tend to be digestive in nature, including diarrhea and vomiting, fatty stools, constipation, and abdominal bloating. Adults are more likely to exhibit symptoms like anemia, fatigue, depression, joint pain and arthritis, skin rashes, and infertility.

How To Massage Your Baby: A Step-By-Step Routine For A Happy, Healthy Baby

Massaging your baby can help you bond better and provide emotional as well as physical benefits. Use olive oil or coconut oil and glide your fingers in slow, firm strokes over your baby’s body. Start with the feet, go up the legs, and across the hips. Then work down from the baby's shoulders to the chest and down their arms. Massage your baby’s tummy using circular motions in a clockwise direction.

Possible Causes Of Cradle Cap

While it's not clear what exactly causes cradle cap, experts feel that excessive production of oil or sebum may be a factor. Maternal hormones in the baby could account for the overproduction of sebum. The growth of a fungus known as malassezia in the sebum may also be a factor. Other risk factors include immune system problems, weather extremes, and skin disorders.

Simple Ways To Prevent And Treat Your Baby's Diaper Rash

A mild to moderate diaper rash clears up within 2–3 days with hygienic cleaning routines and airing of the area. While diaper creams may be prescribed for persistent rashes, mild to moderate rashes can be treated with home remedies such as aloe vera gel, calendula tea, evening primrose oil, and coconut oil. Homeopathic remedies such as sulfur and thuja can also be considered depending on the nature of the rash.

When Can I Start Giving Water To A Newborn Baby?

Babies, like all humans, get thirsty. But before you reach for that bottle of water to feed your newborn, know that an infant under 6 months of age simply doesn’t need water. Especially if they are breastfed. In fact, health authorities worldwide warn against giving newborn babies water due to the risk of diarrhea and malnutrition. There’s also the risk of water intoxication to consider. Breast milk more than makes up for the absence of plain water in a baby’s diet while plying them with the nutrients their body needs.

Causes Of White Poop In Babies

If your baby’s poop is white, pale yellow, or chalky gray in color, it can mean a problem with the liver that is hindering the flow of bile. Various conditions like biliary atresia, hepatitis, biliary cirrhosis, alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency, Alagille syndrome, and progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis can cause this. Certain medications and a diet consisting solely of milk may also be responsible for white poop in rare cases.

Why Do Babies Rub Their Eyes? 5 Possible Reasons

Babies usually rub their eyes when they are tired and sleepy. But dry eyes, an eye infection, or a foreign object such as dust or an eyelash in the eye can also make a baby rub the eyes. Another reason might be that babies explore and try to figure out how the eyes respond to being rubbed.

Effective Ways To Help Children With Dyslexia

Children with dyslexia have trouble reading and spelling. They can benefit from special educational classes which teach phonological skills – the ability to recognize and process sounds in words. In classrooms, providing clearly structured information, simplifying instructional material, teaching orally, segmenting and sequencing information, and allowing for extra practice can help. As a parent, you can inculcate a love of reading, build confidence, and be their champion!